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1930s Time Period (everyday life, arts, and entertainment)

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Nick Caldwell

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of 1930s Time Period (everyday life, arts, and entertainment)

1930s Time Period

(everyday life, arts, and entertainment)
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The "Star
Spangled Banner" became our national anthem in the early 1930s, written by Francis Scott Key.
During the 1930s, Hitler had begun to gather people of Jewish hertitage into concentration camps. He murdured them after working them to to death by labor.
Due to the Great Depression, the prices on common goods such as bread, eggs, and milk had dropped to all time low. Most people were left without a job, or were fired due to money shortages. Which, was about 123 million were left unemployed, a near 25% of the United State's population.
Back in the 1930's the entertainment mostly came from the radio. Families, on a daily basis would gather around the radio and wait for their favorite shows to come on. Most child listened to "Little Orphan Annie."
People who could afford a television would watch popular movies such as, "Gone With the Wind." Adults mostly watched that movie, but a movie that the entire movie would watch was "The Wizard of Oz", which was made in 1939. Hollywood made most of the movie on the television for the whole family, this entertained the fortunate families in the 1930s.
Back during the 1930's the Great Depression caused families to not afford clothing. Everyday life was like this for families that were affected by the Great Depression. Babies and children wouldn't have clothes, but were wrapped in blankets.
The fashions and fads of the 1930's was very inexpensive due to the shortage of money and jobs. So families had to collect stamps in order to afford clothing of their choice. Stamp collecting became a hobby for the entire family.
Back during the Great Depression, the parents weren't able to afford common goods that were needed to survive. They had to put the children in public schools, and the teachers weren't paid much. The schools that the children were paid through in taxes, in most rural areas.
The Great Depression was a time of sovereignty, and desperation. Farmers had a hard time to
keep their crops, and they had to live off an income of $1,500. That is a near 40% reduction in
income. Along with low income, there was the Dust Bowl in the west, this presented farmers
from growing crops because their was no water. Everything that was done by families was in
pursuit of survival and not advancing in the economy. Along side of that, Americans had to deal
with the advancements in radical governments, and dictatorships.

Due to being in between two wars, caused very unusual fashions and fads. The fads for women were mainly unisex because they had no money to afford women like clothing.
The hairstyles/makeup of the people back in the Great Depression was made with slicked back hair, and a lot of penciled makeup. This is what made up the ideal "thirties" look.
People in the 30's liked to wear hats, and sunglasses. This became a fashion because the music of jazz and ragtime had became popular, and the artists wore glasses and hats. This made the common people mimic their fashion to be hip.
Back in the 1930s, people in America had to adapt to a new lifestyle. Due to the newly found radical politics.
Movies and other forms of entertainment, the poor adopted the idea that they must steal and murder to get money. They all wanted to advance in the economy.
There were many advancements in technology, from the Jet Engine to the Zeppelin. These new technological inventions helped advance Americans out of the Great Depression.
The music in the 1930's was made with a swing, and a type of jazz feeling to it. The purpose of the music was to lift the spirits of the United States citizens. Artists wore sunglasses, which made sunglasses popular.
Sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, and Hockey became a very popular
attraction in the 1930’s. Base received it first every hall of famers. Basketball had their first ever
championship tournament, Oregon team won. The first soccer world cup was hosted in
Uruguay, the home team won. The NFL was created in the 1930’s and they had split the teams
into two divisions. In ice hockey, the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup. Ice hockey
teams were the first sports team and league affected the the Great Depression.

The War they were in between.
Poor family during the Great Depression
One of the womanly fashions in the 1930's
Signs that people held in protest
A "Hooverville" during the 1930's where
poor people lived
People who waited in lines for food
One of the automobiles that the fortunate had
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