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Before You Were Mine

No description

Jonathan Davies

on 4 December 2011

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Transcript of Before You Were Mine

Before You Were Mine Main Themes Comparisons Speaker & Voice Conclusion Self-loathing Love Brevity of Happiness The theme of love is shown as her mother has sacrificed her life for her. We see this in the lines: "the fizzy, movie tomorrows the right walk home could bring" This line is telling us that she could have been famous if it were not for motherhood, and she chose the "right walk home" The theme of self-loathing is shown because she believes she has ruined her mum's life. This is shown in the lines: "you laugh on with your pals" and "now your ghost clatters toward me" The first line shows us how the mother used to have fun going out with friends in the past, and then this is contradicted by the second line that tells us now she never goes out. The ghost is representing the former mother and "clatters" implies she is wearing high heels like she used to. The theme of the brevity of happines is shown by the brief period of glamour, hope and possibility the mother had. This is shown in the line: "The thought of me doesn't occour in the ballroom with the thousand eyes This "ballroom" is showing the glamour, and the thousand eyes is showing the potential and hope that she possesses and also the possibility to do well. "The thought of me doesn't occour" shows how all of that gets cut short by motherhood. The speaker of the poem is the poet who is writing it, the child. She is describing the transition her mother had to go through in order to be a mother to her. The voice on the other hand is that of the speakers mother. It is her feelings, thoughts and emotions that took place in her life, especially when her glamourous outgoing life slid into that of motherhood. The voice projects the loss of freedom, responsibility and sacrifice onto the poem. Head of English In Your Mind It is similar to "In Your Mind" as both of them show the lack of freedom in life. On being down to motherhood and the other because of a dull, boring job. Also both poems mention memories and the power of a scent that can bring back memories. In both poems they are favourable memories of a happy time in their life It is similar to Head of English as both poem show the older fashioned commitment and style of a job. In "Head of English" the teacher makes their students write a lot and is seen as keeping up a traditional style of teaching. This is similar as in this poem the parent gives up everything to be a dedicated mother. She could still go out and leave her baby with someone else but she chooses not to. Before You Were Mine is a generous poem written by Duffy who know the sacrifice her parent went through to bring her up. It focuses on the theme of love between a parent and child By Carol Ann Duffy
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