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Waiting for Normal

No description

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Waiting for Normal

Waiting for Normal
Leslie O'conner

-Dwight came to Grandios and got out of the car with a paper. Addie asked what is that and Dwight said adoption papers! Addie looked at the sheet and couldnt believe her mom would this to her. She was so happy to be with Dwight, Hannah, and the littles. Addie knew that she woulld get attention and finally getting loved.
Rising Action
-In the Rising action Addie finds herself being at home by herself all the time when Mommers leaves with her boss Pete and comes back every 5 weeks.
-Addie finally gets to Visit her little sisters and finds out her dad is engaged to Hannah.It makes Addie kinda feel weird but she thinks she just needs to be happy for them.
-Addie has a concert and she goes and sees her band teacher from her other school. Addie was panicking because she took that flute. She didnt play during the conert. The next day she walked to her school and gave it back.
-Addie barely has any food when her moms not home so she barely eats.
-Addie's best friend dies and she is so hurt. She walked into the shop that day and she wasn't there and Addie just broke down crying.
-She wanted hot chocolate so she warmed up water on the stove and took a shower. When Addie got out she smelt burning. She found out she turned on the wrong burner and the leftovers that were laying on that part of the stove started on fire. Addie Grabbed the fire extinguisher and pulled the pin and nothing came out so Addie quick grabbed Piccolo and ran.

Addie: emotions change,small,12,plays the flute,short
Mommers: Addie's mom,not very caring,rude,strict
Dwight: Addie's dad,caring,nice,protective,loving
The Littles: Katie and Brynna are Addie's little sisters,Caring, loving, Loud, nosy
Grandio: Addie's Grandpa, Caring, Protective,nice
Piccolo: Addie's hamster
Pete: Mommers boyfriend
Hannah: Dwights girlfriend

The trailer where Addie lives
The Mansion Dwight's house
Grandio's farm

Falling Action
-After Addie ran there was a lady in a car, she kept looking over at Addie. The woman in the car rolled down her window and said she's a counselor. She asked Addie how long her mothers been gone. She said about 5 weeks. Addie stayed with Grandio for now until she found a place to stay.
-The next day Mommers showed up and Grandio had so much against her because she left Addie. When Mommers got out of the car Addie seen her moms baby belly. Addie was so upset. She talked to her mom for a little while but she couldn't get close to her because that was the rules.

You should keep trying and don't give up on something in life. You should always keep your head up high and don't let anyone bring you down. Stay strong even when your at your weakest point.
External and Internal
It was External because her friends and Grandio knew what she was going through.
It was internal because she thinks so much about what she's sad about.
By: Kiara Ayotte
First person because Addie tells the story of her life.
Addie is trying to get her life back to normal and Addies mom isnt helping at all.
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