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no discreption needed

smooth moorin

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Uranus

An adventure of the big gassy planet Orbit and rotation and rings Internal Structure,Heat and
Compostion Atmosphere & Seasons URANUS Discovery -The first recorded sighting of Uranus was by John Flamesteed in 1690

-Before further notice it was thought to be a star

- Was declared a planet by William hershel march 17 1781

- Is named after the greek deity of the sky -2 780 972 200 Km away from the sun
-1 Day on Uranus is 18 hours
-1 Year on Uranus = 84earth years

-Rotates on its side

-Equator goes north to south

-Rings discovered in 1977
-Has 13 rings -Core is solid and rocky surrounded by mantle of -

-Ice surrounding core is made of H2o/water,CH/Methane,NH3.-Methane makes up 2% of the core-Water on Uranus is dissolved

-Lowest internal heat temperature of all planets contained in our complex solar system
- -composition of its atmosphere is very different from other planets

-Its atmosphere consist of mainly molecular hydrogen and helium.

-Uranus's thick atmosphere makes it appear smooth and featureless

-Atmosphere reflects light = blue

- It has odd seasons. Climate & Conditions - Average temperature is -350 fahrenheit

- Each pole, receives 42 years of sunlight, while the other receives 42 years of darkness

- Has persistent violent fierce intense furious severe raging forcible thunder storms Uranus's formation & Moon -Uranus was formed from leftover gas from when the presolar nebula formed the sun

-Uranus has 27 moons

-The main moons being Miranda, Ariel, Titania,Umbriel and Oberon

- Exploration & visibility - The only probe that has ever reach Uranus is the voyager 2

- Voyager 2 discovered 10 unknown moons of Uranus

-Is visible from earth with the naked eye in dark skys

- with a large telescope 25 cm or wider you may be able to see some of Uranus's moons like Titania and Orberon Facts about Uranus -Uranus's core contains alot of Diamonds Coldest planet in our solarsyatem
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