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The Rights To The Streets of Memphis

No description

Samuel Savage

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of The Rights To The Streets of Memphis

The Rights To The Streets Of Memphis Exposition The protagonist is Richard.
The antagonist is the gang of boys.
The setting is at Richards house and the streets of Memphis.
The conflict is that the gang of boys continue beating him up and taking his money. Rising Action His dad left him and his mother when he was little.
He didn't have anything except bread and tea to eat until his mom got a job. Climax The climax is when he finally retaliated against the gang with boys by flaying wildly with a stick. Falling Action He yelled at adults for the first time in his life after he chased the boys home.
He finally bought the groceries back home. Resolution The resolution is when he finally stood up to the gang of boys that kept taking his money.
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