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jolie thomas and aaron ritchie


Angela Altazan

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of jolie thomas and aaron ritchie

Penny's Today
If the penny was retired everything
would round up to the nickle which would make prices go up. Pennies are also a big help to charity. It keeps the memory of President Lincoln.67%of Americans want to keep the penny.People think the penny as a little coin that people can't use any more but means something.
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Penny History
The penny that you see in the image beside
was the first penny in the United States.This
is one example of how the penny is important.
We need to keep the penny because of the
memories of United States.The penny to
the left is not the same as the penny today.
Although the penny looks different the penny
today and in the history is still important to
United States.
The penny is in danger of retirement,which were trying to keep the penny.
Many people throw them away like they mean nothing.But we should try to keep president Lincoln's memory alive.The value might be very small value
but they mean something more .
Monday,March 20,2014
Penny Debate
Pennies are not that important
to people anymore.Lots of
countries have already gotten
rid of the penny.Now the U.S is
trying to decide if we should keep it or not . For example Canada has gotten rid of it.
Compare and Contrast
for more information go to http://cointrackers.com/lincoln-penny/
What will happen if we get rid of the penny
Many things will happen when if the penny retires,
There would probably be a public protest.But some
would have more stuff to worry about than the penny being gone.If we get rid of the penny every thing rounds to the nearest nickel which the nickel is having problems to. Since it cost more to make a nickel than a nickel.Also the prices would go up.
Save The Pennies!!
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