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4 Parts of Writing

No description

Kris Johnston

on 22 January 2019

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Transcript of 4 Parts of Writing

4 Parts of a Writing
What is the writing ABOUT?
What is the reason for the writing?
For whom are you writing?
the finished writing needs to focus on a point and stick to that point throughout paper
If you read this sentence:

Thomas Jefferson was a man with many achievements.

What is the TOPIC the paper that follows?
Thomas Jefferson
1. To Inform

2. To Persuade

3. To Entertain
to educate
to tell my side
to make people understand something
to make people laugh
to tell a story
to learn something
to instruct
to change someone's mind
the person or group of people who will be reading the paper
When you know WHAT you are writing about, to WHOM you are writing, and WHY

...you choose a VOICE.
Why write about this?
how do want the audience to react?
what do these people need to know?
whom is the writing going to inform, persuade or entertain?
NOT just, "I have to"
Or, "I wanna pass ENG."
Or, "that is the assignment."
Boring to write and no focus for the reader...boring for her too!
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