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"How Does a Plant Cell Relate To A Basketball Game?"

Cell Analogy Project For Mr. Sullivan 11/16/12

Keryn Reno

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of "How Does a Plant Cell Relate To A Basketball Game?"

Relating The Game of Basketball To Biology... This is a Plant Cell.
Each Organelle inside
of the cell has a different
job! The Cell Wall The Cell Wall helps support the shape of the cell and protects the cell from damage. The Nucleus The Nucleus Controls the Activities within the cell Nucleolus The Nucleolus contains DNA, and it Makes Ribosomes Chloroplasts The Chloroplasts carry out photosynthesis. They also take in Energy to produce this process. Vesicles Vesicles The vesicles are what everything is transported in. Its like a Membrane Sac. Ribosomes They Produce Protein. The Cell Membrane The cell membrane chooses what can get in and out of the Cell Central Vacuole Stores water, ion, nutrients and waste. Mitochondria Produces ATP (The Energy Source) Cytoskeleton Interior Framework of the Cell. Season of 2009-2010 District Win for the
Woolies. District E -
Fourth Year In A Row! On 3/6/10 The Coaching Staff Represents the Nucleus The Coaching Staff as a Whole Offers Opportunity. It controls the Team. The Head Coach Represents the Nucleolus. -He makes the final call.
- Completely Holds all possible actions. (DNA)
- Can Influence the Ribosomes The Refs Represents the Ribosomes. - Are influenced by the Coach
- They Produce Calls The Players Represent the Chloroplasts. - They Carry Out the game.
- They take in energy, made from the
Mitochondria. Mitochondria The Fans! - Produce Energy that the Players
Gain From! The Basketball Represents a Vesicle. Like a vesicle is transported throughout a cell, a basketball is transported through the court. The Gym Wall Represents the Cell Wall This surrounds and protects the court lines, cell membrane, from outside damage. Exterior Court Lines Represents the Cell Membrane. - Surrounded by Cell Wall
- Allows the players to enter/ leave the court, just like organelles The Interior Court Lines Represents the Cytoskeleton - These lines form the interior framework of the court. The Scorer Table Represents the Central Vacuole Just like the Central Vacuole the scorers table contains and stores materials needed. Nucleus
Cell Membrane
Cell Wall
Central Vacuole
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