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madison farnsworth

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Stereotyping

"... the EEOC , is responsible for...investigating complaints of employment discrimination, and initiating legal action when necessary."
[Equal Employment Opportunity Commission]
Discrimination can result in:
-Job Termination of the offender
-Law Suit for the Company
-Possible Settlement Fees

All are major issues a company does not want to have to face STEREOTYPING Understanding the process of
Stereotyping ATHLETE
Stereotype- "An individual's set beliefs about the characteristics or attributes of a group"
Four Step Process
1. Categorizing people into groups
Age, Race, Gender, Disability, Occupation
2. Infer that all people within a particular category possess the same traits
3. Form expectations of others and interpret their behavior
4. Stereotypes are maintained Stereotyping in the Workplace Stepping Stones to
Overcome Stereotyping A PRESENTATION BY:
TRENT STOWELL Enforcing the Legal Aspects “In Seven seconds our brain makes eleven different decisions about someone we are meeting for the first time.”- Forbes
Vital in the workplace for two main reasons:
1. Hiring
2. Day to day interactions

Hiring example 1, 2, 3 Preventing Stereotyping Four Steps
1. Be blind to differences
2. Focus on output, not input
3. Model behavior you want to observe
4. Become an indispensable worker!
Cultural Audits Video Recap
Work with different kinds of people
(Be more patient with other customs/beliefs/language barriers)
Be "blind"
(Stop and think before judging)
(Prevent grouping all Arabic men as terrorists) Implementing Zero Tolerance Stereotype Threat
Steele and Aronson (1995)
Understanding the process of stereotyping
Stereotyping in the workplace/legalities
Preventing stereotyping
Stereotyping threat theory and implementing zero tolerance
Stereotypes and their impact on organizational behavior
All stereotypes (positive and negative) are harmful
Remove an individual's identity by placing them in a group
Stereotypes are formed and maintained by cognitive and motivational processes
Organizations cannot change what people think outside of the workplace, but every organization can establish zero-tolerance policies against discrimination! When an individual's social identity is attached to a negative stereotype, they will tend to under perform in a manner consistent with the stereotype
While the individual felt the motivation to disprove the negative stereotype, the stereotype impaired the cognitive resources needed to perform Conclusion SLOW DRIVER "Crash" Movie Clip. Directed by Paul Haggis (2005) "Crash" Movie Clip. Directed by Paul Haggis (2005)
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