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My Hachet Timeline

No description

Maria Escobar

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of My Hachet Timeline

Chapter One: The Pilot Dies
The pilot starts aching in his shoulder and starts having gas.After a while he tragically starts having a heart attack and hisses "Chest! Oh God, my chest is coming apart!" And sadly dies leaving Brian to fly the Cessna 406 by himself. Chapter Three: The Crash The Cessna finally runs out of gas and starts hurtling back down to earth when Brian sees an L-shaped lake and decides to land there. The crash is a violent ride, the wings got caught in the trees and snapped off, dust and dirt blew into his face momentarily blinding him, and finally when he reached the lake it pounded on it as if it were concrete Chapter Four: The Secret Brian remembers the memory of the secret.
He remembers riding his bike with his friend Terry to Amber Mall. He remebered every single detail about that day. Terry had turned to see smile at him when he saw his mom over Terry's head.She was sitting in a strange station wagon with a man he had short blond hair wearing a white tennis shirt. Chapter Six: The Berries Brian finds some bright red berries that were half as big as grapes but hung in bunches just like them. The berries were not sweet but had a tart flavor. he had eaten them like there was no tomorrow even when he was full he kept eating because he was still hungry. Chapter Seven: Raspberries Brian found food that didnt make him sick, raspberries is what he found. He knew they were raspberries because there were some in the park that he and Terry would pick and eat. Chapter Eight: Realization Brian had realized that the hatchet was the key to fire when a porcupine came into his shelter. He threw the hatchet at the porcupine, but missed and hit the wall. The hatchet made sparks when it hit the wall be he knew somehow that that was how he would get a fire. Chapter Nine: Fire Brian finds sticks and fallen branches to make a fire. He had to use long hard strokes against the wall to make the fire come alive. He even thought it to be a friend he had greeted it and said "Hello, fire..." Chapter Ten:Eggs Brian had found turtle eggs to eat at the edge of the lake. He had now found many things to eat first the "gut cherries" then the raspberries and now the eggs. He didn't quite want to eat the eggs because they were slimy, but he ate them because he needed to survive the cruel lonely wilderness. Chapter Thirteen: Fish Brian made a spear to catch fish but it didnt work the first time so he had to go through trial and error a few times. He remembered about that water refracts light at one point and he finally caught a fish. He held it up high into the sky, proud that he had caught a fish. Chapter Fourteen: Fish Pen Brian made a fish pen so that it would be easier to catch fish, so he made a small pool surrounded by rocks and to rock "arms" so that the fish would stay in the pen. Chapter Fifteen: a Foolbird Brian made a bow and arrow to catch a foolbird. After a few times he finally caught one. He learned the secret to catching one was to look for the outline and shape of the bird instead of the color of the feathers. Chapter Sixteen: Tornado Brian was asleep when a noise awakened him. It was a low roaring sound that came from the wind. It was a roar coming after him. When the tornado hit it slammed him on his pine branches bed and whipped him like he were a rag it destroyed everything he had. Almost everything except a few things had survived. Chapter Seventeen: Raft Brian built a raft because the plane's tail was at the shore and he knew the plane had a survival pack and he needed to get it so he built one by weaving logs together. Chapter Eighteen: The Cessna 406 Brian took the raft out to the lake to get to the Cessna 406 at the edge of the lake to get the survival pack. He made hole and went in the plane to look for the pack when he sees the corpse of the pilot and that the fish had eaten bits and pieces of him. Brian finally gets the survival pack in the end. Chapter Nineteen: Rescue In the survival pack Brian finds a sleeping bag, a cookset, rifle, emergency transmitter, and many more things. Brian turned the emergency transmitter on, but didn't think it worked because it didn't do anything as far as he could tell so he set it aside. But a little after a plane comes and rescues him because he had turned it on. When they came he had asked them "Would you lik something to eat?" as though everything were OK. My Hatchet Timeline By Maria Escobar
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