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Science and the Sense of Wonder by Isaac Asimov

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Katherine Lopez

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Science and the Sense of Wonder by Isaac Asimov

Structure of the essay:
The structure of this essay is compare and contrast. This essay is comparing and contrasting Asimov's and Whitman's perspective on science and the sense of wonder.
Text Features
Key Idea
This essay is about Asimov's and Whitman's perspectives on the beauty of science and the wonder of nature.
Author's Purpose
Asimov's purpose is to argue that the science behind something helps you appreciate the nature of science and how it works. He emphasizes how important it is for you to understand something before you just gawk at something in awe.
Science and the Sense of Wonder by Isaac Asimov
by Christian Miller, Leilanis Gonzalez, Kat Lopez & Nicole Encarnacion

This disquisition includes:
Italic texts
Highlighted words
Author's Tone
Asimov's word choice gives off a tone of amazement because he knows all these facts and you can tell throughout the essay that he likes the world of science and understands the concept of science.
Author's Point of View
Asimov's Point of View is in 3rd person and his beliefs are that by understanding things it brings more beauty to things.
Objective Summary
In the beginning of this essay Asimov uses a poem from Whitman as a hook and talks about it. In the following paragraphs Asimov explains his beliefs on how understanding things gives more beauty to things. He elucidates how you should always understand something, and how it works to be able to understand the beauty of something even more.

LAFS RI.2.5.
LAFS RI.1.2.
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