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Zoo Engineers

No description

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Zoo Engineers

Zoo Engineers
What is the current salary of this occupation?
They get paid $27.74 hourly and $57,710.00 annual.
What are the major job responsibilities?
They need to know how to monitor processes,materials or surroundings. Get information. How to interact with computers. Identify objects, actions, and events. Communicate with supervisors, peers, or subordinates. Document/ Record information. How to analyze data or information. Update and use relevant knowledge. Establish and maintain interpersonal relationships. Communicate with people outside the organization.
What kind of education is needed for zoo engineers for this work?
www.onetonline.org, Sep. 10,2013
www.bls.gov, Sep. 10,2013
What type of work do people as zoo engineers perform?
Zoo engineers study animals in their natural habitats. Assesing effects of environment and industry on animals. Interpreting findings and recommending alternative operating conditions for industry.
What are the working conditions ?
Zoo Engineers working conditions are high-paying jobs. They enter the field because they love animals . Zookeepers work 24/7 because animals need lots of attention. Zoo engineers can get really exhausted.
Education Level Required:
52%-Master's Degree
48%-Bachelor's Degree
1%-Doctoral or Professional Degree
This occupation may require a background of STEM.
These are just 2 of the hundreds of animals they care for.
Is there a demand for zookeepers in the future?
As the population grows and expand into new areas it will expose wildlife to threats such as a disease,invasive species ,and habitat loss . Increased such as pollution and climate change,that endanger wildlife.
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