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AGH Unit 2 Lesson 3.2: Amending the Constitution

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Stacie Cleary

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of AGH Unit 2 Lesson 3.2: Amending the Constitution

Government Unit 2
U2L3: Amending the Constitution
Text pg. 78-88
L3.2 Objective
SWBAT explain how the formal amendment process reflects the principle of federalism.
Define amendment?
There are 2 methods:

is a formal change to the written word or language of the Constitution.
How many methods are there for amending the Constitution?
- actually changing the wording in the Constitution.
This process is VERY lengthy and difficult.
- does not actually change the wording of the Constitution, but the way it is interpreted.
Set up your notes Cornell Style.
Check Point:
Why might the informal amendment process be used more often than the formal method.
What is the formal Amendment Process?
Check Point:
What is the fraction needed to propose an amendment? To Ratify an Amendment?
What are the informal methods to amend the Constitution?
There are 5 Informal Methods to Amending the Constitution:
1.Basic Legislation
When Congress makes a law that clarifies or enhances a part of the Constitution.
ex. Creating the U.S. Postal Service.
2. Executive Action
When the President interprets what the Constitution says about his powers.
Ex. War Powers Act
Informal Amendment Continued...
3. Court Decisions
When the Supreme Court interprets the Constitution in such a way to change its meaning.
Ex. brown v Board of Education
4. Party Practices
When political parties have an effect on the procedures in government.
Ex. National Convention
5. Customs
Unwritten, or "usual" way of doing things in government.
Ex. 2 term limit rule for president
L3.2 Assessment
Directions: Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Be ready to Trade-N-Grade.
1. Describe the formal amendment process.
2. This is when the Constitution is amended because of legislation passed by Congress.
3. The creation of a national convention, such as the Democratic or Republican National Conventions, are examples of informally amending the Constitution through which process?
4. The 18th Amendment was removed from the Constitution. How was this accomplished?
5. President Washington created the two-term-limit rule. This is an example of which informal method of amending the Constitution?
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