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Characterization of Odysseus In the Odyssey

How Odysseus changes for the worse in the Odyssey

Laura Morse

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Characterization of Odysseus In the Odyssey

Odysseus started out honest "Odysseus never broke his word"(Homer 20). Athena tells him to lie to his loved ones He tells his men exactly what will happen if they disobey the rules. "'My friends,' said I, 'we have meat and drink in the ship, let us mind, therefore, and not touch the cattle or we shall suffer for it"(155). "'I will begin by disguising you so that no human being shall know you'"(168). He tells Telemachus to lie "'Make up some excuse when the suitors ask you why you have removed it'"(235). Odysseus lies to Athena "but he did not speak the truth, and made up a lying story in the instinctive wiliness of his heart odysseus started out fair "but Odysseus never did an unjust thing by anybody"(Homer 54)
"Did not your fathers tell you when you were children how good Odysseus had been to them? Never doing anything high-handed,no speaking harshly to anybody"(54)? Odysseus must be less fair
as he is challenged with many
harsh enemies, such as cyclops.
He must injure and blind the cyclops in order to escape with his men(113) Odysseus becomes unfair and violent. He has the maidservants killed after he makes them clean up the dead suitors. (281)
Even though the suitors did not sleep with his wife or steal from him,he still kills them for just wanting to marry his wife. "you must have prayed many a time that it might be long before I got home again, and that you marry my wife and have children by her. Therefore you shall die"(278). conclusion During the Odyssey the main character, and the epic hero, Odysseus is faced with many challenges. These challenges cause Odysseus' desirable traits to become less desirable. He becomes less fair, honest, and peaceful, due to the many hardships he is faced with along his journey. Introduction Odysseus changes a lot througout the story. He becomes less peacefull, less honest, and less fair. He fights more, lies to people he loves and treats people worse than they should be treated. Odysseus started out peaceful - A look at the Odyssey shows that Odysseus is reluctant to to resort to violence at the beginning story . Until he is proveked or forced to attack Odysseus is unwilling to go to the Trojan War.
Odysseus has no intention on attacking Polyphemus, only to explore and observe the Cyclopses.
"''Stay here,my brave fellows, all the rest of you, while I go with my ship and explore these people myself. I want to see if they are uncivilized savages, or a hospitable and humane race.''"(107) From the moment Odysseus heard news of the suitors, Odysseus is violent towards the suitors even though they did not harm Odysseus or Penelope.(278)
Odysseus puts to death the unloyal maids and servents even though they too did not harm Odysseus and Penelope(281) Works Cited Butler, Samuel. The Odyssey. New York City: Amsco School Publications, Inc.,
1988. Print. Characterization of Odysseus In the Odyssey By
Laura Morse, Danielle Boissoneau, and Charles Armstrong
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