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AVID Career Project

No description

Alea Amano

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of AVID Career Project

By: Alea Amano :) AVID Career/Major Project Career:
Family Nurse Practitioner Related Careers: Family nurse practitioners...

-diagnose illnesses
-prescribe medication and therapy
-conduct routine check-ups
-focus on disease prevention
-order and interpret diagnostic test results
-educate patients about self-management of illness

They are registered nurses and usually work under
a physician, but some open up their own practices! Pass your:
National Council Licensure Exam
(NCLEX-RN) Qualifications: Education and Training -communication and observation skills
-team player!
-active listener, critical thinking
-handle stressful situations effectively
-good people skills (sympathize, comfort)
-committed, competent
-caring, compassionate, courageous Job skills: Years in school: 6-8 years High School Diploma! Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Well known colleges: University of Washington, John Hopkins University Majors:
-Pre-Med Classes:
-nutrition Years: 4 Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) 2-3 years Get your: Board Certification through:
American Nurses Credentialing Center of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
and your State Board of Nursing Become a...
Certified Family Nurse Practitioner! Start now! -volunteer at a hospital
-intern at a doctor's office
-take challenging courses at school (AP Biology)
-interview a Nurse Practitioner
-work with a mentor Compensation: Average salary: $70,000 In Hawaii: $84,000 -your salary depends on how many years you
have put in or where you work How will i afford college? "It's not about the money,
money, money!" -It's something to be proud of.
-Always challenging, never get bored!
-Meet new people everyday
-Form lasting relationships
-Learn inspiring stories
-Options, options, options!
-You are helping people everyday. Typical Day: Demands: Environment: -hospitals
-clinics or hospice
-physician's office
-your own practice Scholarships: -American School Health Association Nursing School Scholarship
-Circle of Excellence Scholarship
-Nurses' Educational Funds Scholarships
-Health Professions Scholarship Program Financial Aid: Fill out the FAFSA! (Free App. for Federal Student Aid):
-determines the amount a student is eligible to receive- (financial aid, federal & state grants, federally-subsidized student work-study, and/or loans.)
**Everyone qualifies for some form of financial aid!** Armed Forces? the Navy! -the Navy can cover the full cost of your education ... up to $180,000!
- Scholarship through- Naval Reserves Officer Training Corps (NROTC)
-Nurse Candidate Program (NCP)
-minimum 3 years of active duty Go Army! -Army ROTC helps undergrad nursing students
-Join the U.S. Army Nurse CORPS-
-help pay for your education, medical insurance, competitive salary
Serve your country! -tend to stand for long periods of time
-limited sleep/rest time
-exposure to illnesses
-some heavy lifting
develop stress-related disorders:
high blood pressure/chronic infections 7:30 am Wake up, eat breakfast
8:15 Arrive at hospital- 1st patient
9:30 Place orders (X-ray, IV fluids, treatments)
-Document exam findings
10:00 2nd patient
10:30 Talk with supervising physician
11-1 Lunch break and paperwork
2-4 Follow-up with patients
5-6 pm Check emails and attend conferences woohoo! what a great day! Employment Physician's Assistant:
counsel/treat patients, work under supervision of physician
Clinical Nurse Specialists:
Plan, direct, or coordinate patient's plans with other health care professionals.
Observe patients and develop plan of recovery
(ICU, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Surgery, Critical Care)
Physical Therapist:
Assess patient's situation, formulate plan
Rehabilitate- relieve pain, strengthen, improve mobility Bright Outlook! Influencing Factors:
-the amount of patients that need medical care
-waves of retiring nurse practitioners Projected Job Openings (2010-2020) = 1,207,400 Increase by 20%-28% (2010-2020) Go visit some websites! http://www.careeronestop.org/


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