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ROBLOX: Murder Mystery

No description

Eebs the Eebs

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of ROBLOX: Murder Mystery

The Murderer
The murderer is as you can tell, the best part of Murder Mystery. The murderer spawns with just a knife. The killer is timed to eliminate all innocents and the sheriff. The murderer must use the element of stealth, especially when he is hunting down a lone player. The murderer can throw knives to kill anyone from long distance. Since dead people don't talk, the murderer has a small but useful advantage.
The innocents are the majority of players in the game. They are completely defenseless, and must stick together. Usually if they stay in groups, they will find one of their group will be killed by the murderer, and will warn the others. Sometimes, if the murderer is quick, he will destroy the whole group.
The Objective
The objective of the game is to either avoid the murderer, kill the murderer, or eliminate all the players. Players are randomly selected to be an innocent, the sheriff, or the killer. Most people want to be the killer as they can travel in secret. However most times you just end up as an innocent.
What is it?
Murder Mystery is currently one of the most popular games on roblox.com. It was created by OBC member Nikilis. Since its release it has become extremely popular.
ROBLOX: Murder Mystery
The sheriff protects the innocents. He is only equiped with a gun to kill the murderer and defend himself. One shot kills the murderer. But if the sheriff falls, someone else can equip the gun and become the new sheriff. Often times, the murderer tries to protect the gun to prohitbit anyone from retreiving it.
Things in the Game
All the players are given a different name from their current username, once the new round begins. Some of the current names include but not limit to: Alpha, Delta, Hotel, Bravo, Tango, Romeo, and Juliett.
All the players look nearly identical except for the color on their shirts.
Players also leave colored footprints, which match the same color as the shirt they wear. This is an advantage as well as a disadvantage to all three roles in the game.
Gameplay Footage
When I Played..
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