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Gray by Pete Wentz

No description

Kelsey Cahlamer

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Gray by Pete Wentz

Gray by Pete Wentz
Summary (Part 2)
Wentz is finally released and begins to be happy again. His band releases their first full album and it is successful. They begin talks of a world tour and the boys couldn't be more happy, Wentz included. They first do a hometown show, and She is invited and given backstage passes. Wentz and Her get into a huge fight and he begins to spiral out of control again. He realized that he wasn't over her, he just stifled the memories. He leaves for the tour anyway, and three months later, he receives a phone call. She was in a car accident, and it doesn't look good. Wentz immediately goes back to see her. After a few days in ICU, She dies. Wentz falls apart. The story ends with Wentz failing a suicide attempt and using music to get through everything.
Literary Merit
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The book follows Pete Wentz through his and his band's rise to fame. The main point of the autobiography is to tell a love story though. Wentz goes in depth about a girl who is only called Her who he met in college. He talks about how love doesn't always work out the way you want it to, and that sometimes you just have to try and make it work. The couple eventually breaks up and Wentz learns to cope in the only way he knows how; drugs and alcohol. His band realizes that he is having troubles and eventually his record label sends him to a facility in California to get help and to get away from his hometown Chicago in hopes that he will learn to be without Her.
Pete Wentz
copyright in 2013
Kelsey Cahlamer. per 2, 12-4-13
“That’s the problem with all of this. No matter how hard I try, I can’t make it perfect. I can’t keep it in a bottle, can’t ignore reality. Chemicals are involved, the kind scientists try to synthesize and put into pill form, and they’re making tremendous advances every day. They’re winning the war against love. It’s probably inevitable now. There are only two ways to see the world: either no one and nothing is connected to anything, or we are all a random series of carbon molecules connected to each other. Tell me if there’s room for love in either of those scenarios.”
(Wentz 120)
Life of Celebrities
As a society, we put a lot of pressure on celebrities and only take them for face values. Novels like this let us in and show us what it is really like for their y to day life.
Common Issues
The novel shows what is going inside the head of someone who is going through depression. Today, many people don't realize what it's like and Wentz does a great job of explaining how he feels in a way that is relate able to anyone.
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