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No description

Adam Donyes

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of FEAR


Fear of the Enemy
Matthew 14:22-33
Fear is
Misplaced Faith
Fear of Approval
Galatians 1:10
In the end only the approval of One matters.
Who is Apelles?
Fear of Failure
1 Samuel 17:11
Failure is only failure
if we fail to learn from it.
Everyone Fails,
but only
get up
after failing will
ever succeed.
(Psalm 51)
Failing does not make you a failure.
(John 21:15-23)
Our fear of failure is only possible when we fixate on ourselves and not God.
(Judges 6:23-40)
If we focus on defeat we
can't possibly see the
victory. (Numbers 13)
Anytime Satan reminds

you of your past,

remind him of his future. (Revelation 20)
The enemy creates fear through lies,

while God brings courage through Truth.
(Genesis 3:10, 21)
Satan wants us to doubt, but God is not

a God of Doubt. (Romans 8:31)
We tend to worship what we fear,
and fear what we worship.
Fear can be seen as an
expression of worship.

(1 Kings 18:16-40)
The enemy wants us to delay,
so that we'll be defeated.
(1 Samuel 14:6)
Satan's most successful tool is deception.
(Genesis 3:1-4)
(Numbers 14:11)
Romans 16:10
The opinions of others are only as heavy
as we allow them to

(1 Samuel 18:7-9)
Security is granted in Christ, not in others.
"Everybody loves you, until
everybody loves you."
Being disliked by
others is a
of Scripture.
(John 15:18-19)
The judgement of others would no longer bother us if we didn't give them that authority.
We don't fear things that are dead,
and all things die once the stop being fed. (Galatians 5:19-22)
You will never
get married if
you never ask!
Where we focus will determine our fear. And the more we focus on that object the more it is fueled.
The only rejection we had to be
anxious about is no longer a
worry. (Romans 5:8)
Sometimes rejection by others can be God's way of preventing us from disaster.
(Romans 1:24-27)
Anyone who
is truly
following Christ
will be rejected
by this world.
(1 John 3:13)
You will either be consumed
by Christ, or consumed with being
popular, but it is impossible to be
consumed by both. (1 John 2:15-17)
John 8:3-11
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