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And Then There Were None

No description


on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None
They are all different, but they all have a secret.
Vera Claythorne
young, attractive
is accused of killing a boy in her care, Cyril -- who drowned on her watch.
Philip Lombard
soldier of some sort/world traveler
feels no guilt about his past/womanizer?
is accused of leaving twenty-one men from an East African tribe to die in the bush.
10 people (almost all strangers) have been invited to an isolated island named "Indian/Soldier Island" for different reasons including work and holiday.
retired judge
practical, logical
accused of killing a man named Edward Seton by influencing the jury who, otherwise, would of found Seton not guilty.
Judge Lawrence wargrave
Dr. Edward Armstrong
a doctor
cares about success/his reputation
accused of killing one of his patients (an elderly woman) by being intoxicated while he was operating on her.
William Henry Blore
initially lies about his identity (Mr. Davis)
former police officer/detective
accussed on sending someone to jail who later died there -- he was promoted.
Emily Brent
General John Macarthur
retired WWI hero
accused of sending one of his soldiers purposefully to his death -- it was rumored that his wife was cheating with this soldier.
Mr. and Mrs. Rogers
awkward but diligent at their jobs
accused of killing their old employer, Miss. Brady
Anthony "Tony" Marston
young, attractive
reckless, self-centered
accused of killing two children by hitting them with his car while speeding. shows no remorse
65 years old
religious, conservative
accused of killing a woman named Beatrice Taylor, but she won't admit any details to the others.
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