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Kristina Cooke

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of ETAB

What will make Coffs Harbour stand out from the business crowd? Community Vision 2030 Coffs Harbour is a model of sustainable living... Our economy is strong and diverse and our businesses are leaders in innovation and sustainability. What is our IMAGE? Do we look like we are leaders in innovation and sustainability? Do we talk like we are leaders in innovation and sustainability? Do we act like we are leaders in innovation and sustainability? So what makes an innovative business environment? Opportunities to experiment How can we support an innovative business environment? Innovation in what? What can we base this on? Apart from...
water security
transport links
education facilities
recreational options...
Start with what we are doing now, such as:
E-Health (SCU)
Agribusiness (Local Food Alliance, Food Connect etc)
Technology and Software (Greenspan, Janisons)
New Products from the Innovation Centre (intelligent Plastics)
New Products from existing businesses....

creative environment What makes us LEADERS? Streching the boundaries
Ready and able
Doing it now
Supportive environment
Showing off about it
? How do we back it up? What can we influence? tax incentives intelectual property policies immigration policies educational levels Leaders in Sustainability? Our Living Coast
Sustainable business operations
Renewable energy
Sustainable Buildings & Design How can we make this Happen? Within the LGA
'marketing' to existing businesses
presenting a consistent message
we are encouraging innovation - and how Outside the LGA external 'marketing' creating the buzz
capital of
'innovation and sustainability' BACK IT UP ensuring a supportive environment does exist favourable demand conditions presence of related industries social inclusion and equity policies access to ICT infrastructure usage of ICT R&D infrastructure ease of doing business
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