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Analysis of the film opening of Quantum of Solace.

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Harry Weatherall

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Analysis of the film opening of Quantum of Solace.

Analysis of the film opening of Quantum of Solace.
I am going to be analyzing the film opening of the James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. I will analyze the first few minutes of opening footage of the film using MELCS; Mise en scene(looking at the props, setting, costume, lighting, make up and shot types), genre of the film and iconography.
James Bond descends into mystery as he tries to stop a mysterious organization from eliminating a country's most valuable resource. All the while, he still tries to seek revenge over the death of his love
Quantum of Solace is a hybrid genre, which is a combination of two genres, in this case Action & Adventure. The establishing shot of the film is filmed from a helicopter, and is a high angle long shot getting closer to a rode on the side of a mountain. When the rode is reached the opening action sequence of the film (a car chase) is in action. This car chase involves crashes and gunshots, which are conventions associated with action films.
I will further analyze the genre of the film by using the acronym CMINTS (Costume, mise en scene, Iconography, narrative, themes and sound).
Mise en scene
I will now analyse the mise en scene of the film opening.
The Costumes of the characters in this film opening are all different. The main character James Bond, is wherein a suit, this is a standard and expected outfit of a spy, and its dark colors could be linked to the morally dark aspect of his job. The police in the scene where a standard police uniform with no real significance. The 'bad guys' of the film are in common clothing, this shows they are not important characters and just average people. But the color of their clothes is also dark, to signify they are the bad guys.
The opening few seconds of this film show a jump between the low key lighting of the tunnel of the main chase, and the lake surrounding the road outside the tunnel. This jump in lighting key helps to keep the film in a high tempo, which follows the convention of a action film.
The main character in the opening is James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, Craig is a renowned and well known action film actor and has before been in the role of James Bond. He is the only main actor in the opening with the others being extras.
In this scene there is very little make up used. Natural appearance is used by all actors.
Make Up
The props used in the opening include Fast cars, police cars and guns. These three main props are all classic conventions of a action film, the Fast cars help to show the high tempo of an action film. The guns and gunshots also symbolize the violence usually assosiated with action films, in this case used to try and kill James Bond.
The film opening is set in Italy on lake Como. This is not made to be know but followed on from the prequel film. The car chase is at first in a Tunnel besides the lake, but then ends in a Quarry. After this James Bond drives into a Italian City. The location is quite exotic and a known expensive area (Lake Como), which again follows some action film conventions.
In the opening of Quantum of Solace there is some non-diagetic sound leading up towards the breakout of the car chase. It is then followed by diagetic sound that would be present to chase, e.g gunshots and car engine noises. This film break conventions by not having any backing music or soundtrack which is usually common in a action movie.
The editing follows classic film conventions by being fast flowing and following the usual trend of an action film. The main action sequence features the use of jump cuts one after another to help show different view points during the chase.
Camera Shots
The camera shots used in this opening can vary a lot. The scene opens with an establishing shot of where the film is located. This is establishing shot is a high angle shot looking down across a lake, taken from a helicopter. This aerial shot is typical of a big budget action film. Next the shot jumps to a close shot of inside the tunnel, and an extreme close up of James Bond. Through out the next action sequence, many tracking shots are used to follow the chase which helps to bring the effect of the action.
The opening of Quantum of Solace complies with the typical film opening conventions. These conventions include Film title, enigma, camera shots, Production logo etc.
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