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Battle of Chancellorsville

No description

Zak Bauer

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Battle of Chancellorsville

General Robert E Lee split up his troops to face the much larger union army he led an aggressive counter attack to turn the tables. Confederate Leader and Strategy Fun Facts -it was fought on 14 acres of land
-the union had 130,000 troops to the
confederates 60,000
-Stonewall Jackson was killed by friendly fire. Battle of Chancellorsville by Zak Bauer April 30 -May 6 1863 Where and When Spotsylvania Country Virginia Union Leader and Strategy General Joseph Hooker lead the Union troops in a attack to cut off the Confederates food and water supply. The Outcome came in the form of the Confederates winning to push the union back setting up the battle of Gettysburg. Casualties Confederates- Union- 13,000 17,000 Technology Muskets, Cannons,
Grape shots, and sabers. Thanks For Listening
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