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i love minecraft so much so i thaught i would do a prezi about it

emily hammond

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of minecraft

you are alone in a mysterious new world, full of hidden dangers you have minutes to find food and shelter before darkness falls and the monsters come looking for you. what do you do?
wooden tools
tools are essential for mining as they allow you to destroy blocks faster and more efficiently. without them you are not going to get very far at all, so you need to craft a basic set as early as possible. wooden tools will mine stone,dirt,sand,trees and gravel. so after you have got wooden tools, you might want to think about getting stone tools, stone tools will let you mine lots more things like iron,sandstone and lots more.

skeletons can move quickly and they are armed with bows and arrows, which means they can kill you from a distance. they are fairly smart, they can climb ladders and they will seek shelter from the sun where they can. they spawn in areas with a light level of 7 or less, and you will know when there is a skeleton near by because you will hear a rattle, almost like a musical sound effect.
creepers are one of the most dangerous mobs in the game. they will run towards you and explode, possibly killing you and destroying everything in the surrounding area (e.g. the house that took you days to build). creepers are almost completely silent, which makes it easy for them to take you by surprise. they hiss quietly before they explode.Creepers spawn in areas with light level 7 or less, but don't die when the sun rises as they still tend to creep about throughout the day.
gun powder
zombies aren't much of a threat unless you bump into a large group of them, but they can inflect damage by touching you. they spawn on solid blocks, in areas with a light level of 7 or less. you can usually hear them coming towards you as they make groaning noises when they are just wandering and snarling noises when they are getting attacked or getting injured. zombies try and break through your door so if you put a iron door down then the zombie will not be able to get in.
rotten flesh
spiders are hostile when the light around them is 9 or less, so they are only a threat to you at night or in a dark area, once hostile they stay that way, even when day comes. spiders can see you through solid blocks. they can also climb walls and jump large distances you can hear them coming as they make a hissing sound. watch out for there glowing red eyes in the dark. you can also find spider jockeys which are harder to kill, a spider jockey is were a skeleton rides a spider.
spider jockey
endermen are rare neutral mobs but they will attack you if provoked. you are in trouble if you attack them first, or if you accidentally catch them in your cross hairs at night,since looking at an enderman looking up the upper legs upwards is taken as a sign of hostility. endermen are tall and weird creatures, and they like to wander and move blocks about.
eye of ender
slimes can be large, medium or tiney in size and their health points decrease as they get smaller. they can see you through solid blocks, and will hop towards you and they will keep bumping into you repeatedly until you die. a large slime and i medium slaime can deal a fair amount of damage.
pigs are a very useful animal for the food and for transport, when you kill a pig you will get 1-3 pork chops and 1-3 cooked pork chops, if they died in lava (rarely). you can find a saddles in dungeons (if you dig deep enough), you just place the saddle on the pigs back and right click on it. once you are on the saddle (pigs back) you need a carrot on a stick and then you will be able to control it.
carrot on a stick
Sheep are most commonly white, grey,
brown or black they do occasionally naturally spawn pink! they eat grass turning it into a dirt block. lambs eat faster than sheep. sheep can be dyed with 16 colors. wool is needed for a bed an all the decorative items such as carpets and paintings.
pink sheep
black sheep
chickens lay eggs about every 7 minutes, they are also a useful source of feathers and raw chicken. cook the chicken before you eat it because raw chicken can be poisonous!! if a chicken dies in lava it will come out a cooked chicken. chickens are not tameable at all you can not ride them basically you can just kill them and breed them.
cooked chicken
cows eat wheat and will follow you if you are holding it. cows can be milked with an empty bucket. they drop beef and leather and if they die while on fire they will drop stake. cows will wander about in a grass land or a jungle if lucky sand biomes.
bats are nocturnal mobs that spawn natrually in caverns, bats are the only passive mob to spawn in darkness. there is a chance they could spawn in another dark, enclosed space such as your shelter, they drop nothing when killed. listen out for thhere squeaksthey can help you find caverns.
attracted bats
There are 5 types of pickaxes wooden is the worst then it is stone then gold then iron and the best is dimond. you can not do much with a wooden pickaxe but when you get stone tools or higher you can do alot more. You can only break obsidean with a dimond pickaxe and even with a dimond pickaxe it takes 5 hours to do (exaduration) obsidian is not used for much but it handy for making the nether portal.
all pickaxes
there are 5 diffrent types of swords wooden is the worst then stone then gold then iron an the best is dimond, dimond swords can kill zombies, endermen, skeletons and many more in only two hits, so it would be better to have iron or dimond swords because you feel alot safer, you would think to yourself i can kill anything with this dimond sword.
all swords
There are five diffrent types of axes, woode is the worst then stone then gold then iron and the best is dimond. Axes can help you cut down trees faster and when you craft a wooden axe, it will make it a little faster than normal because when you use your hand it normally takes about twenty seconds but when you use an axe it is about ten second and with a dimond axe it takes about three seconds.
shovels are used for digging stuff up quicker like dirt and sand there are five different types of shovels wooden is the worst then stone then gold then iron and th best is diamond. There is not alotto a shovel except it digs blocks up quicker.
Animal taming
minecraft's mobs are a rather angry bunch and, if you see something wants to do you harm. however, you can get some mobs to like you, and they'll carry you around and even fight for you. there are four diffrent tameable mobs currently in the game (you include utility mobs like the snow and iron golem).
taming heart

wolves are the most common tameable mobs in the game, and can be found in forest and taiga (snow forest) biomes. unlike the other tameable mobs, wolves can become enraged and attack if provoked, along with any pack members nearby, so be careful.
tamed wolf
ocelots are cats found only in jungle biomes, and are the most difficult mob to tame due to their timid, wary nature. however, it's worth the hasel, as tamed ocelots become cats and are the only thing that can actually scare away creepers, making them perfect home defenders.
the most recent tameable mob is the horse, a ridable beast that acn be essential for long journeys. horses, and their donkey variations, spawn only in the plains biome and need to be tamed before you can ride them. horses are one of the fastest means of travel in the game.
Iron ore
Iron ore is one of the first ores you would probably want to get because it upgrades you dumb little stone or wooden one you need iron for armor and buckets and loads of other things so iron i quite important it is more important than you think.
gold is also a usful type of material it is a little better than iron, but it will brake after about five mins and an iron will brake after about ten mins or maybe even fifteen mins so i would keep your iron tools. Gold is also a great material for for armor say you didn't have enough iron for armor then you could always use gold if you have enough of it and gold does protect you quite well.
iron ore
iron ingot
iron block
gold ingot
gold block
dimond is the best matirial in minecraft but very hard to find. it would take months for you to get a full set of dimond armor and a dimond pickaxe, dimond sword, dimond hoe and a dimond shovel. you can only mine dimond ore with an iron pickaxe.
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