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The Life And Times of Bruce Lee

No description

Justine Boringot

on 31 August 2011

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Transcript of The Life And Times of Bruce Lee

A Mini Biography

Today, Asia is known as one of the largest continents on the face of the earth!

Its influence on the world has made it a contributor to the modern culture we know today.

It is also well known for its key role in the economy. Companies such as Toyota, Honda, Sony and Nintendo, make huge pay across the globe.

In technology

Overall, integrity Welcome to the World of Asians!
<(^_^)> Pokemon! Bruce Lee! Honda Asia Cuisine

In Asian society, one of the most well
known foods vary from Rice, Noodles, Beef, and sushi!

When it also comes to cuisine, Asia has a
good way of bringing diversity into play. Because of its massive geographical size, each country's style of food varies from the other. With different spices and ingredients, it really is a joy to eat!

Many sauces!

Alot of variety! Education and Language

In Asia, another thing asians can be known for is the competition they harbour over the educational system.

Schools differ by the area and also how long they last. For some places, 9th grade gets added for middle school and others, there is no middle.

There are also many other various languages that differ by dialect and region.

Japan: Japanese

Philippines: Tagalog
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