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Case study on USA capitalism by Anand

No description

Anand Krishna

on 10 August 2010

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Transcript of Case study on USA capitalism by Anand

Capitalism in the USA The US economy much like the USA is one of the most influential economies in the world. An example of how powerful this economy can be is the recent financial crisis which a lot of countries are still recovering from So why is this economy unsustainable? Run by consumer demand
- no goverment intervention

Will ultimately fail one day
-when resources run out

-So basically too much too fast?
-YES Right now,
The US economy is down but recovering....
Ultimately, as distant as this future may be
the resources WILL deplete

And when there is demand, but no supply the economy fails And when that happens, WHO U GONNA CALL? No, not the ghostbusters -.- Alternatives to capitalism A controlled economy This is where a governing body controls what goes on instead of private individuals and firms, hence resource depletion can be controlled. What else you say? Well thats up to YOU! DEMAND LESS!
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