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mimicking octopus

No description

Caroline Pope

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of mimicking octopus

The Indonesian Mimicking Octopus
The mimicking octopus lives off the coast of Indonesia. (that's why it's called the Indonesian mimicking octopus) They live on the sandy bottoms of Sulawesi Indonesia. It's habitat is all water with sandy bottoms.
Physical Characteristics
The mimic octopus average length is 24in.
The octopus's natural color is tan with white stripes.

Behavioral Characteristics

It makes itself turn into other animals to stay away from their predators.
They also use camouflage by matching their background.
The mimicking octopus is either black with white stripes, dark blue and white stripes, red with white stripes, or brown with white or black stripes (depends on what it is mimicking). The mimicking octopus has eight legs and can enlarge at anytime and can mimic a different sea animal or plant.
Fun Facts!
The mimicking octopus was discovered in 1998.
It is named "the most intelligent octopus."
The mimic octopus is also called "the master of disguise."
By: Caroline Pope #21
Where the Indonesian Mimicking Octopus can be Founded
what it looks like
Acquired Traits of the Mimic Octopus
The mimic octopus is different from it's relatives because it can not only mimic the shape of coral and other sea plants, but it can mimic sea animals.

Inherited Traits
Some inherited traits of the Mimicking Octopus is its color. It's usual colors are brown and white striped. Another trait that the mimicking octopus inherited is, the mimic of a different sea plant. The mimicking octopus's ancestors could mimic other sea plants to stay away from predators.
The mimicking octopus is related to the lionfish, jellyfish, a shrimp and a crab.
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