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Anna Cartlidge

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Role of Depute in Raising Attainment at Charleston Primary
A Deputes Role

To lead, support and develop a school system that will promote a safe, secure place that will allow children to have the best possible chance of achieving goals and reaching their potential.

• 'Lost in learning'

Culture, Ethos and a Clear Vision

• Every child is valued
• Belief that all can achieve
• Encourage pupil voice
• Celebrate success
• Promote a supportive,
challenging learning environment
where all feel safe and secure

Monitor Learning and Teaching


• Pupil Progress
• Data Rich – PiPS, INCAS, SSLN, Benchmarking E1 Tracking
and milestones.
• Targeted Support to help narrow the gap
• Pupil engagement in target setting


• Effective use of formative/summative assessment
• Moderation opportunities
• Use Monitoring Evidence
• Feedback/PRD

To Fly to achievable heights
Parental Involvement

• Clear and Confident
• Engaged in the learning process
• Aspire for achievement
• Respect, Listen and Act upon
• Inclusive opportunities
Implementing Recommendations of ADES

• Understand and share expectations
• Improve Consistency
- Professional Dialogue Opportunities
- Encourage reflective practice
- Recognise Strengths
- Support and Challenge those who find
raising attainment hard

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