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AP Euro Timeline (1960-Present)

No description

Corey Rafferty

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of AP Euro Timeline (1960-Present)

1960 - Present Day Berlin Wall Constructed in East Germany 1961 Adolf Eichmann put on trial
Played major part in Holocaust and escaped after war
captured and put on trial
Trial was first televised and was many peoples first education about Holocaust
Found guilty after 16- week trial and was hung Soviets launch 1st man into space
launch Yuri Gagarin into space on
April 12 th
Made 108-minute flight around Earth Russians launch Mir
Russian space station
Lasted longer then anybody thought
it would
Outlived the Soviet Union that
launched it Francois Mitterrand
Elected President of France Pope Paul IV Elected Acts as boundary between democracy and communism

Prevents mass emigration after WWII

Designed to keep out fascists 1960 1961 1961 1965 Treaty of Maastricht
Establishes the
European Union Austria, Sweden, and
Finland join
European Union 1964 1968 Princess Diana dies
dies in car crash
Caused by her driver and paparazzi driving recklessly 1968 Kursk ,Russian sub, sinks
sank while practicing maneuvers
Russian government refused assistance to help save 118 people on board who all died 1969 1960 Longest-serving president of France

Leader of Socialist Party and helped the decline of Communism Structuralizes Europe - 3 Pillars
Common Foreign and Security Policy
European Community
Justice and Home Affairs 1962 1963 New Spanish
Constitution Proclaims Spain as a social and democratic state governed by law
Becomes a Parliamentary Monarchy
Spanish Transition to Democracy Fourth enlargement
of EU Continues Second Vatican Council Creates the
"euro" Currency
Connects France and Britain and goes under the English channel First Trans-Atlantic Satellite Broadcast (Telstar) 1972 1978 Single European Act Signed Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev removed
from office 1975 Prague Spring
Reform Movement 1978 Margaret Thatcher comes to power in UK 1979 Erich Honecker chosen to lead East Germany 1980 "Year of 3 Popes" 1981 1986 European Space Agency
Established May Protests in France 1985 Mikhail Gorbachev becomes leader of the Soviet Union 1986 German Reunification 1986 Solidarity Movement
in Poland 1990 Telstar 1 successfully launched July 10th
Telstar 2 Launched May 7th of the following year
First transatlantic live television feed, telephone calls, and fax pictures relayed through space Solved free trade problems among members of the European Community
Set objective
To establish a Single Market by 1992
Revision of Treaty of Rome Served as first secretary of the Communist Party
Led Soviet Union during Cold War
Also served in the Council of Ministers
Replaced by Leonid Brezhnev Liberalization in Czechoslovakia
Created by Alexander Dubcek
Attempted to grant rights and freedoms to citizens
Hoped to inspire Western leftists

"Socialism with a Human Face" Nicknamed the "Iron Lady"
Highly Conservative - Thatcherism
Neoliberal Policy
Reduced Government Spending
Weakened Trade Unions
Economic Liberalization Consumer Socialism
A time of extreme recession in East Germany
Refused most changes Pope Paul VI dies in August
Replaced by Cardinal John Paul
Dies 33 days later
Catholic Church elects John Paul II Dedicated to the exploration of space
Exploration missions to other planets and the moon
Human Spaceflight
Earth Observation
Spaceport in French Guiana Strike of 11,000,000 workers for two weeks
Brought the economy to a standstill
Began with student protests
First strike not authorized by trade union officials Serves as the first and last president of the SU
Conferences with Ronald Reagan
Helps end Cold War
Ends supremacy of the Communist Party
Awarded Otto Hahn Peace Medal
Awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 German Democratic Republic joins the Federal Republic of Germany
Berlin united as a single city
Creates a unified German State Workers demand political liberalization and democracy
Polish Trade Union
Government forced to negotiate reform Financial Crisis in Russia 1991 1994 Vladimir Putin appointed Russian President Collapse of Soviet Union
split into 15 different
lead to the end of the
cold war 1992 Sea Gem Oil Rig Collapses
Preparing to move to
another location
2 of the legs had failed
13 men died out of 32 1995 EFTA formed
European free trade
Formed by Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal to counteract Conman Market 1998 Vienna Summit
President Kennedy met with Soviet Premier Khrushchev
the two leaders clashed on many of the issues
lead to threats of war 1997 Trouble in Northern Ireland
rioting in Belfast for three days
8 Catholics killed and 236 people wounded
British sent army to keep people under control 1998 2000 Russian Nuclear Disaster

100000 people effected
Only started evacuating
when Scandinavian
monitors noticed high
level of radiation Irish peace agreement
Representatives of
the Catholics and
Protestants of Ireland
signed a major peace accord
hoped to bring to an
end the bloodshed in
Northern Ireland 1999 Terrorists bomb London
three bombs exploded
on the London subway
and one on a double
Decker bus 2003 Colour Revolutions 2005 Global Recession
Economy depended on export of raw materials
Government unable to collect enough tax revenues
Economy quickly recovers within 2 years Time of strong economic growth
Return of political and economic stability in Russia
Asserted Russian dominance in bloc countries Treaty of Lisbon Signed 2007 2008 Pope Benedict XVI Resigns Republic of Kosovo declares independence 2013 Decentralization of Authority Chernobyl Channel Tunnel opens A series of nonviolent revolutions
Overthrow governments in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyztan, and Lebanon
Civil Resistance Amends two treaties of the European Union
Maastricht Treaty
Treaty of Rome
Majority Voting
Double Majority Was an autonomous province of Serbia/Yugoslavia
Protested by Serbia Served from 2005 - 2013
Resigned on February 11th
"Lack of strength of mind and body"
Old Age Corey Rafferty and Ashley Golobek
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