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Non Verbal Communication Lesson

To teach NVC - first lesson, before the Meeting and Greeting ones

Maria Bliss

on 2 November 2010

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Transcript of Non Verbal Communication Lesson

functional skills
English Aims: To make you aware of Non Verbal Communication Objectives: By the end of the lesson you will: Become aware of your own and other's non-verbal behaviour
What these behaviours might indicate
The implications on the listener(s) Can you spot the 7 faces? What part of your body do you use to communicate with? Work in groups of 3
Write your answers on the flip chart paper Log on to Moodle (moodle.lec.ac.uk) Go to:
My courses
Non Verbal Communication Lesson Click on the video to watch it Don't forget your headphones! You will watch a 10 minutes video

Pause it anytime you need so that you can record the information
on the sheet ... Person name = name of the people in the video

What s/he did = their body language - non verbal communication

Effect = what effect the non-verbal communication had on the group members Feedback Role play: Half of you, please leave the room The other half:

You will get a card

Read what it says on it

When the other half gets in, you must act it out
- don't make it too obvious!!! Activity: 5 minutes
Talk about what you did at the weekend! Feedback What did you observe?

How did that make you feel? Write as many examples of non-verbal communication as you can think of. Next week: Learn how to create a good impression on a client and/or How to provide appropriate customer service
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