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7.05 The Silk Road

No description

Sarah Patel

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of 7.05 The Silk Road

7.05 The Silk Road
Hear: Animals
On the Silk Road you might hear a lot of things. You could hear all different types of animals you have never even known about. You could hear the goats bleats, the dogs barks, and so much more.
Taste: New Food
When you are on the silk road you will taste some great new things. You will taste foods from different parts of the world. You will also taste things like figs, walnuts, and grapes.
Touch: Different Fabrics
Besides tasting new things you will touch new things too. You will feel the different fabrics like muslin or cotton. These expensive fabrics are probably going to wealthy families somewhere in the world.
See: New People, Animals, & Land
While on the silk road, travelers met many new people of different from different places like Persia. They saw their religions and what they did. This is how many religions and cultures expanded. The people they saw also had many different animals they have never seen before like goats. The environment was different too. You would see bodies of water that many people have never seen.
Smell: Spices
Last, you will smell a lot of things. Especially spices from different cultures. Some spices you can only get in a certain place, so they are new to the other merchants.
Thanks For Reading!
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