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Beer Carbon Footprint

No description

René Alejandro Nucamendi

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Beer Carbon Footprint

What is the carbon footprint?
Carbon footprint is the set of all greenhouse gases emissions caused by something, in this case, by beer.
Beer Carbon Footprint
Local bottled beer from a shop or foreign beer in a pub
About 500g CO2e
Bottled beer from shop, extensively transportated
About 900g CO2e
Why is beer's carbon footprint important?
Beer is the seventh most consumed beverage in the world. It's production is made worldwide and exportations and importations are huge. It is one of the biggest industries and all of this means that its carbon footprint is very big.
What actions can be performed to reduce the CO2e emissions of beer?
There are plenty of things to do, as reducing the importation levels from other countries, which favours national beers and lowers the absolute carbon footprint of beer in the country.
Another measure may be changing the kinds of bottles used or the way in which this product is transported.
Locally brewed cask ale (at a pub)
About 300g CO2e
By René A. Nucamendi R. (A01196529)
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