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Year 8: Rights & Responsibilities

No description

Andrew Wilson

on 22 September 2017

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Transcript of Year 8: Rights & Responsibilities

Lesson 1
Work to the very best of your ability

Respect the right of others to learn

When I talk, you are listening and thinking

Hands up to ask questions - calling out = debits/detention

Deadlines are not negotiable for work in lessons or homework!!!
Come in and stand behind your chairs

Diaries and equipment should be out - I should NOT have to remind you!
Lesson 2

Year 8: Rights & Responsibilities
Baseline Assessment
Why do we need to do a baseline assessment

Why is "progression" important

Some academic expectations
Completing work

Links to the rest of the Scheme of Work
Last lesson you picked the 10 rights you thought were the most important.

Write a PEE paragraph explaining why you picked your number 1 choice .

The right I chose as the most important is...
This right is the most important because...
An example of this right being broken is...
It is important that this right is protected because...
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