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A Look at the Writing's of Gordon Korman

This presentation is one that will be used to help teachers find great authors and books to use in their classrooms.

Jessie Conner

on 12 September 2011

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Transcript of A Look at the Writing's of Gordon Korman

A Look at the Life of Gordon Korman About Gordon
Korman Korman
Books Teacher
References Reference List I Want to go Home Our Man Weston No Coins, Please
Don't Care High Son of Interflux A Semester In the Life
of a Garbage Man Radio 5th Grade Losing Joes Place The Twinkie Squad The Toilet Paper Tigers Why did the Underwear Cross the Road The Chicken Doesn't Skate Liar, Liar Pants on Fire The Sixth Grade Nickname Game Son of the Mob 2:
Hollywood Hustle Son of the Mob No More Dead Dogs Maxx Comedy: The Funniest Kid in America Jake, Reinvented Born to Rock Schooled The Juvie 3 Pop This book is a great way of introducing new
students to a new school. When Paul, a new
student from New York first comes to Don Carey
High School he immediately finds a way to break
the ice with his fellow peers by nominating a
student for student body president. This book
is very funny and full of jokes. Great way to
help students feel a little more comfortable in
a new setting. Age: Young Adult/High School This book is a great way to help kids
remember to stand up for what they
believe in.Simon is a kid that a lot
of students would look up to because he
has a lot of courage. He wanted to stand
up for his school and his dreams and
that's exactly what he did.
Age: Young Adult/Young High School 1985 1986 1987 The life of group projects. Jardine is a student
that has awfully bad luck and Sean on the other hand is the student with very good luck. Surprise, Surprise the two get paired up to complete a poetry assignment for a class. Jardine is now convincing Sean to participating in some of his crazy tasks in order to win a prize trip the school is offering. This book is a great way for teachers to help students in working together. It also shows that you find great friends in the stranges places. Even though Sean didn't want to work with Jardine, it worked out for the best and they learned to enjoy one anothers company.
Age: Middle School/Young High School This book is Korman's first book written in first person. It is a very crazy summer adventure for 3 boys since they are on their own in an apartment for the first time. Jason and his friends are holding down the fort in his brother, Joe's, apartment while Joe is in Europe. Joe's one rule was to not break the lease. However, this comes as a major challenge for these boys since after a few weeks they are out of a car and jobs. This book is a grea way to introduce students to living on their own. It is also very funny and I definitely aimed towards young males.
Age: Middle School/High School 1990 This is a great book for Juniors or Seniors in high school that are about to attend college. It shows how different college is going to be and some of the challenges that students should plan on having. However, this book shows ways to overcome those difficult times and ways to make the college experience the best it can be.

Age: High School 2001 This book is the beginning of the story "Son of the Mob", however, Korman chose to release the second story 1st. This was an interesting strategy and I personally did not see a reason in the story line for doing so. This portion of the book is based on a young man who is the head of the NY mob and always in trouble, running from the cops. I don't think this is the best book to use for teaching purposes but for an entertaining and fun read, mainly aimed towards males again, it was definitely a good book to have on your shelf for an independent read.

Age: High School Boys 2002 This is a book for an athlete, a person interested in theatre or someone that likes to solve the crime. I think this book is for the younger crowd. I wouldn't say it was a children's book though because the humor in this book is something that even adults will laugh at. I think this is a great way for teachers to regain themselves because Mr. Fogelman, Wallace Wallace's English teacher doesn't quite agree with the fact that everyone has their own opinion. This book would be a great teaching tool in the classroom because you can use it to show what is acceptable and what is not as a teacher and a student.

Age: Middle School 2002 2003 This book is based on the famous novel "The Great Gatsby". I think this would be a great book to use along with "The Great Gatsby"because it would be a great teaching tool for compare and contrast papers. It is also a great way to see a modernized version of the book. I personally think this book will be easier for students to relate to over "The Great Gatsby" but I think this book would be powerful enough to stand on it's own in a classroom setting.

Age: High School 2006 This book is definitely aimed toward the high school crowd. This book talks about a boy named Leo that had everything going perfect for him until one day when everything just begins to crumble at his finger tips. Leo finds out that the man that has raised him is not his biological father. His biological father is a punk rockstar. So, Leo decides to go on the road with his band and get to know his "dad" but Leo doesn't realize that there is more than just concerts and music when it comes to being a roadie/groupy. Leo has to avoid all the bad things like drugs, sex and alcohol. This book does do a good job of dealing with temptations but I think it would be more useful as an independent read than as a teacher tool.

Age: High School I feel like this book was definitely a book for the males in a classroom. This book talks about some boys that do things that were not very smart decisions and they wind up in juvenile detention. A man named Douglas Healy wants to start a halfway house for young boys and his first participants are Terence, Geiko, and Arjay. However, it's never that easy. Terence still doesn't want to follow the rules. After Geiko and Arjay try and change his mind, Mr. Healy ends up in the hospital. It is now the boys duty to keep out of trouble and hope Mr. Healy has a full recovery.

Age: Middle School/High School 2008 This book is a great look at role models in students lives. It's a great way to see how they can motivate you and help you along the way but this book also looks at the struggles that can come along with role models. Most of the time a role model is older than you. In this book Marcus' role model is suffering from beginning stage Alzheimers. This book can help students see how challenging it can be to deal with a situation like Marcus' but it can also be a helpful read to see how Marcus' overcomes these challenges.

Age: Middle School/Early High School 2009 Non Series Series Born in Montreal, Quebec Canada
Born on October 23, 1963
Currently lives on Long Island
Wrote his first book at the age of 14.
He is married and has 3 children.
Favorite Authors:Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, Robert Cormier, Paul Zindel.
His favorite books as a kid were the "Great Brain" series.
Only 50% of what he writes is based on his own imagination. The other 50% is based on real life events.
Favorite Sport: Hockey
(Facts come From)http://www.gordonkorman.com/biograph.htm Fun Facts
Information By: Jessie Conner
Awards Bruno and Boots/ Macdonald Hall series This Can't be Happening at Macdonald Hall Go Jump in the Pool Beware the Fish The War With
Mr. Wizzle The Zucchini
Warriors Macdonald Hall
Goes Hollywood Something Fishy at
Macdonald Hall Gordon Korman's books are often renamed throughout the years. As he learns more about his own books and how his readers analyze his books, a new title emerges. The titles listed are the ORIGINAL titles. NOTE: This series is "Set in a Canadian boarding school, it's all about the antics of Bruno Walton and Boots O'Neal, who share a dorm room - and get into a lot of mischievous fun." (Grant) This series is a great reading set to get young gentlemen to want to read. These books are very engaging and have a very young but great sense of humor. It's hard to get younger boys, middle school age, to want to read but Korman does a great job in this series to make the characters very realistic. This is definitely a great book to have in your classroom to help get your young male students involved!
From "Something About the Author": Gordon Korman's father,C.I., was an Accountant and his mother, Bernice, was a Journalist. Korman has 2 sons and 1 daughter. Korman's goal when he began to write story books was to create a story/book that he would have loved to read when he was a child. His books have been taken to the next level with companies such as Disney, who have made them into a television show. Korman has been very successful with his career. He has been writing about 1 book a year since he was 14 years old. He wrote a paper for his language arts class that ended up being 120 pages long. That was the start of Korman's career. Today, he is just as successful as he was in his 7th grade class. Reflection on Interviews: I was personally very intigued by Gordon Korman. The best interviews that I could find were based on books and the reason I put 3 interviews into my presentation was because I thought they were so important. I really enjoyed them. I think that they really explain the kind of fun and outgoing person Korman is. His personality really shows when you hear him talk about his books and his passion for what he is doing is very inspiring to me. The 2nd interview is with Whoopie Goldberg and I found this interview particularly interesting because to me it was like, "hmm, well I know Whoopie Goldberg. I like Whoopie Goldberg. She likes Gordon Korman, maybe I will to." And I think for kids that is important. They see a friend reading a book and really liking it so they want to read it too. Bugs Potter
Series Who is
Bugs Potter? Bugs Potter Live
at Nickaninny This book is about a boy named Bugs Potter. Bugs Potter loves to play the drums and in the first book in the series Bugs Potter is who used to be David Potter. Overnight David Potter became the club sensation. In the second book of the series Bugs Potter is going camping on a summer vacation and decides he will "borrow"some camping equipment from his parents. This book is a great laugh for all ages. The book is definitely an easy read but it's a lot of fun. I think anyone can read this book. Again, as Korman's books typically are I would aim this book towards the young gentlemen in your classrooms. Jeremy Bloom
Series The D Poems of Jeremy Bloom:
A Collection of Poems about
School, Homework and Life. The Last-Place Sports Poems of Jeremy Bloom: A Collection of Poems About Winning, Losing, and Being a Good Sport (Sometimes) This collection of poems is a great way to have a fun read and introduce poetry to a classroom environment. Poetry is a hard unit to get kids interested in. Korman does a great job at showing how poetry and be relevant to your everyday life and what interests you, just like writing can. Monday Night Football Slapshot Series Nose Pickers Series Island Series The Quarter Back Exchange Running Back Conversion Super Bowl Switch
Heavy Artillery Ultimate Scoring Machine NFL Rules! Bloopers, Pranks, Upsets and Touchdowns This series was fun for me. I only read the first 2 books in the series but I absolutely LOVE the NFL! I know that these books will be great for boys and girls who love sports. They are somewhat repetitve in some ways but new scenarios come up in each book and it makes them fun to read. I think these books are definitely for a younger crowd. I think 5th grade is a good age group for this series. Cup Crazy The Stars
From Mars The Face-off Phony All-Mars,
All-Stars Hockey, as mentioned earlier, is Gordon Korman's favorite sport. So, these books hit home for him. I did not read these books but most reviews are saying that there is a major difference in this series because they are more indepth. From what I have heard these books seem like they would be great for all ages, mainly boys and more of a shelf book. I do not think they would be a good book for a read a loud in the classroom. Nose Pickers
from Outer Space Planet of the
Nose Pickers You Mummy is
a Nose Picker Invasion of the
Nose Pickers Everyone has seen the kid with his finger up his nose and can't keep it out. Well welcome to the life of Stan. In this series the kids think they have a new student from a different state joining their class but come to find out Stan is from a different planet. Pluto to be exact!This book is a funny story with a great story line. The kids in a 5th or 6th grade classroom with love this book. It is a series you can't put down! Shipwreck Survival Escape Wow. That is what I want to start off by saying about this series. I thought it was so powerful. This is a childs book but I think this series should be used in an 8th or 9th grade classroom. I think it is a great twist for Korman's books because this book a lot of serious moments that I think would really make students think. I want to buy these books for my personal book shelf for sure. Dive Series Everest Series On the Run Series Kidnapped Series Swindle Series 39 Clues In Progress: The Discovery The Deep The Danger The Contest The Climb The Summit Chasing the Falcons The Fugitive Factor Now You See Them, Now You Don't The Stowaway
Solution Public Enemies Hunting the Hunter The Abduction The Search The Rescue Swindle Zoobreak Framed! One False Note The Emperors Code Vespers Rising Swindle was one of my favorite series. I just thought this was a fun book and never saw it coming. The story line is so much fun and entertaining. Swindle is about a group of kids that rebel when an adult "SWINDLES" them out of a playing card. This is a great look at kids working together and showing that kids can make a difference. The 39 Clues series is a story full of fun and mystery. I think this is a fun way to get younger kids like 4th graders engaged in reading. I know that this book will make kids want to read and keep them hooked all the way through. It is also loaded with humor. However, this book does have a lot of violent scenes. There is some killing and fighting going on throughout the books. I think it is appropriate and understandable and I think kids will be able to handle it but it is important to be aware that those events are taking place The Dive Series is a great change again for Korman's writing style. These books can be read by 5th or 6th graders but they can be read by high schoolers as well. I think there are a lot of concepts that elementary schoolers wouldn't understand and high schoolers could truly comprehend and analyze to a higher level. This was a good series. I liked the adventure side to the books. I think that they, again, were different from his typically writing style. Other Books: "Air Canada Award for promising authors in Canada – at age 17
Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award 1991 – Book 1988 The Zucchini Warriors
American Library Association Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults 2001 – Book 1990 Losing Joe's Place
American Library Association Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults 1999 – Book 1993 The Toilet Paper Tigers
American Library Association Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults 2001 – Book 1993 The Chicken Doesn't Skate
American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults Annotated List 2003 – Book 2001 Son of the Mob: Hollywood Hustle
American Library Association 2003 Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults Annotated List – Book 2001 Son of the Mob
2003 Pacific Northwest Library Association's Young Reader's Choice Award - Intermediate Division (Grades 7-9) – Book 2001 Son of the Mob: Hollywood Hustle
2003 Pacific Northwest Library Association's Young Reader's Choice Award - Intermediate Division (Grades 7-9) – Book 2003 No More Dead Dogs
American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults Annotated List 2004 – Book 2003 Jake Reinvented"

(These sources did come from Gordon Kormon's Wikipedia site. However, they were defended with reliable sources. I did not want to site every individual site. Instead, I have chosen to quote this from Wikipedia.) Jake Reinvented: http://yareviews.wikispaces.com/Jake+Reinvented+by+Gordon+Korman

No More Dead Dogs: http://www.multcolib.org/talk/guides-nomore.html This webside has great discussion questions to use when introducing this book to a classroom. It's a great guide to a test or just review questions to keep students on track with the book.

Son of the Mob: http://www1.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=199751 This website is a video clip with great hints for teachers using this book.

6th Grade Nickname: http://www.multcolib.org/talk/guides-sixthgrade.html Again, this is a site that has great discussion questions for teachers to use as a guide.

Radio 5th Grade: http://www.bookrags.com/plans/SSLN1207/ This is a purchased item, however, there seem to be some great ideas for teachers to use for this book.

Son of Interflux: http://www.librarything.com/work/231503 This is a library blog based on this book. Great way for teacher to talk with others about the book and find ideas.

Our Man Weston: http://www.funtrivia.com/trivia-quiz/ForChildren/Our-Man-Weston-Quiz-169401.html This is a trivia. Could be used for teachers to get kids involved or just a fun way to see if they understand.

Schooled: http://www.atpe.org/Resources/Educators/bookClubQuestions/09JanSchooled.pdf Question and answers

I want to go home: http://www.funtrivia.com/trivia-quiz/ForChildren/I-Want-To-Go-Home-by-Gordon-Korman-234184.html Again this is just a trivia.
"Gordon Korman (1963-)." Something about the Author. Vol. 167. Detroit: Gale, 2006. 100-103. Something About The Author Online. Gale. Appalachian State University - Belk Library. 8 April 2011 http://0-galenet.galegroup.com.wncln.wncln.org/servlet/SATA_Online/boon41269/BH2177675036

NOTE: For all books and this project I refered back to Amazon.com, Scholastic.com, and Gordon Korman's website. Titanic Series
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