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White Girl Stereotypes

No description

Stephanie Duran

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of White Girl Stereotypes

White Girl Stereotypes
Things White Girls Say
Shut up
*High pitched squealing*
I know right
White Girl Facts
Blonde/Light Brown hair
Colored eyes
"White Privilege"
How to be a White Girl
Movies White Girls Quote
Mean Girls
Pitch Perfect
White Chicks
Bring It On
White Girls Four Basic Needs
1. iPhone
2. Starbucks
4. Uggs
3. Yoga Pants
In the 1920's, flappers were the white girls of today.
Their goal was to break the norms of society and expectancy of young ladies by wearing fashion that was inappropriate then, and behave wild and crazily.
The language of a white girl is repeating a word or words for "emphasis" and use filled pauses such as "like" and "um" for no reason at all.
Stereotypes Cont.
White girls love Starbucks. How that came to be is that Starbucks somehow got these girls to promote their products for them, thus getting more and more publicity for the drinks.
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