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Creating a Content Calendar for Your Biz Blog

Content calendars are absolutely essential for keeping your sanity while managing your business blog. They form a one-stop shop for scheduling, brainstorming, and otherwise planning out your blog’s future posts.

Molly McCowan

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Creating a Content Calendar for Your Biz Blog

Social Media Content Calendar Blog Content Calendar (Simple) A successful business blog:

Engages your customers with your brand
Builds trust in your services and products
Increases traffic to your website
Drives sales (if all goes well)

But it’s not quite that easy: blogging takes work, and it also takes an ability (and a willingness) to get to know your customers, and what speaks to them. What are your goals for your business blog? Make your content:

Knowable – Believe it or not, your audience wants to get to know you.

Shareable – Will your readers want to share this content with their friends?

Relatable – When blogging, use a conversational tone. 3 Cardinal Rules of Business Blogging What is Content Marketing? "The art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling." –Content Marketing Institute

Providing customers with relevant, interesting information and/or insights

Philosophy: Customers engaged with your content (blog, podcasts, videos, articles, emails, etc.) ultimately reward you Review: The Basics of Business Blogging The 10 Keys to Business Blogging Success 1. Know your audience
2. Create content that they will want to read, and have a theme
3. Keep your content active – don't set it and forget it
4. Set a frequency that works for you, and stick to it
5. Think about how you will share/promote your blog
6. Don't use it as an advertising tool
7. Share who you are to build trust with readers: find your voice!
8. Use social media to your benefit
9. Integrate your blog into your website
10. Don't give up too early! Pinpoint your audience Keep it simple. Start brainstorming! Figure out what your calendar needs to include.

Work with a large organization? You might need columns dictating who will write the piece, who will edit it, who will post it, etc.

Just you? No need for all the fancy stuff.
Your audience will dictate what kinds of posts you will create.

Who are they?

What can they learn from you?

What do they want to learn from you?
Use a spreadsheet Make a list of topics that you could write about

Do some free association: list out ten words that come to mind when you think about your customers and/or your business

List out words that describe the attitude, voice, or style of your posts (fun, creative, interesting, informative, etc.)—this will help you define your tone. Creating a Content Calendar A spreadsheet will make your content-creating life so much easier.

Excel or Numbers

Google Docs is great for collaborating with writers-for-hire or other members of your team. You can all make edits/comments remotely, in real-time.

What is a content calendar? A content calendar, or editorial calendar, is a simple way of planning out any kind of scheduled content: blog, social media posts, press releases, email campaigns, etc. Helps you avoid redundancy
Boosts creativity
Allows you to keep all of your ideas/research in one place
Lets you strategically target your customers
Encourages you to post consistently
Lets you easily bring on outside writers or staff members
You can still be spontaneous! Why is it helpful? Blog Content Calendar: More Options Possible Columns to Use: Post date
Notes about content
Call to action
Notes about images to include
Links to include in post
How the post will be marketed: social media? Email newsletter? Website? etc. Questions? Connect with me online: Twitter: LinkedIn: Email: @inkboteditor linkedin.com/in/mollymccowan molly@inkbotediting.com Basic Research Sheet Basic Topic/Brainstorming Sheet
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