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Medal of Honor

Grace and Chiara's Medal of Honor presentation.

lib hist

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor Prezi
Chiara and Grace
Tony Stein
Elmer Burr
Tibor Rubin
Mervyn Bennion
Medal of Honor
-Born June 18th, 1929
-Served from1950-1953 in the
Korean War
-Corporal Rank
September 30,1921-February 29th, 1945
U.S. Marine Corps
Disregarded his own personal safety
and immediately
began sneaking out of the camp at night in search of food for his comrades

Improvised medical techniques
when no conventional supplies were available."
His Sgt. sent him on
impossible missions
"Each time he not only survived, but
fought brilliantly
Each time, his
Sargent deliberately withheld his commendation
." *2
Recommended for the Medal of Honor 4 times.

recognition was deliberately withheld
from him due to
During the Bougainville Campaigns (1943-1945), Stein shot 5 snipers in a single day
8 trips back
to the beach to
retrieve ammunition,
each time
taking a wounded marine
with him.
"Received the Medal of Honor for repeatedly making single handed assaults against the enemy an for aiding Marines during the initial assault on Iwo Jima on February 19th, 1945. He was killed 10 days later." *1
*1 http://www.hawaiireporter.com/a-creative-marine-corporal-tony-stein-u-s-marine-corps-ww-ii-medal-of-honor-1921-1945/123
"He was severely wounded and
captured by enemy troops
. He
chose to remain in a POW camp
with his American comrades, despite Chinese offers to return him to his native Hungary" *2`
*2 https://www.youtube.com/embed/YMaPyGvd9qI
*3 He saw an
enemy grenade strike
near his Company Commander and threw himself on it. He
saved the life
of is commander.
First Sergeant,
U.S. Army
*3 http://homeofheroes.com/moh/citations_1940_wwii/burr_elmer.html
Captain in the
U.S. Navy
*4 http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/2635/bennion-mervyn-sharp.php
Born May 5th, 1887 in Vernon, Utah
Killed in action
during the Japanese attack on
Pearl Harbor
, 7 December 1941
"Capt. Bennion evidenced apparent
concern only in fighting
saving his ship
, and strongly
against being carried from the bridge."
Years of service: 1910-1941
Commanded USS West Virginia
World War II
"Instantly and with heroic self-sacrifice he threw himself upon it, smothering the explosion with his body." *3
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