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fuzzy sgugles

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Odysseus

My strengths are courage,strength, and nobility. My weakness is pride.

Family Tree
My parents were Laertes and Anticeia. My wife is Penelope. I am also the Great grandson of Hermes. My sons name is Kirke.
Strengths and Weaknesses
I was a legendary hero. I was able to survive the Iliad which is Homer's epic poem. The Iliad describes the last days in the Trojan War. I was a great military leader. Our soldiers and I made a Trojan horse that we hid in. As we reached the city of Troy we got out, opened the gates, let the other soldiers get in, and win the war.
Symbols and Weapons

My weapons are the Spear, Sword and Bow and Arrow. My symbols are the Shroud that Penelope weaves, The Great Bow of Odysseus, the Sea itself, and the island of Ithaca.
I lived on an island called Ithaca. I was a prince, my father, Laetres was the king, and my mother Anticeia was the queen.
By: Morad Irshaid
My accomplishments were blinding
the One-Eyed cyclops, defeating the Suitors, the Circe, and I was the first to hear the Sirens and survive.
What I am Known for
I am known for my Cleverness, Cunning, and for my Eloquence as a speaker.
My Powers and Responsibilities
My responsibilities are being a warrior and being the king of Ithaca. One of my responsibilities were rescuing my soldiers out of the cave from the One-Eyed Cyclops.
I was a tall skinny man, I had long wavy blond hair, and I had a tanned color.
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