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Virgin Islands National Park

No description

McKenna Dowd

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Virgin Islands National Park

Virgin Islands National Park
The Virgin Islands National Park
By: McKenna Dowd
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
More than 7,000 acres on the island of St. John make up this amazing park. From its breath-taking beaches, or its gorgeous hills and valleys, this park won't disappoint.
Welcome to the Virgin Islands National Park
The Park is located at 1300 Cruz Bay Creek, St. John, Virgin Islands, 00830
The Longitude and Latitude of the Park is; 18.3333*N and 64.8333*W
The Virgin Islands National Park is east of the island St. Thomas
The Virgin Islands National Park is home to many plants and animals.
The Leatherback turtle
The Flamboyant Tree
Reef Bay Valley
There are many ways people move around the park
Goods that come into the park consist of beach items such as sunscreen, bathing suits and snorkeling gear.

Ideas that move around or about the park is mainly through online.

The Taino Indians once lived on the islands.
The Annaberg Plantation
Cinnamon Bay
The Park's Visitor Center
The Virgin Islands National Park is part of St. John which is part of the Virgin Islands
Human Environment Interaction
Trunk Bay- With many things added such as showers, changing rooms, snack bars and gift shops, it is considered negative
Peace Hill Trails- it's 0.1 miles grassy overlook with an old sugar mill tower 2.8 miles from Cruz Bay, considered negative.
Preserving the many coral reefs there, considered positive.
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