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In the Elizabethan Era people liked to torture others.

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Emily Hurd

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of In the Elizabethan Era people liked to torture others.

Life During The Elizabethan Era
Medical Care
Life of men and women
Women were expected to marry to increase the wealth and position of the family and then to produce children. Women had no jobs or education, they were expected to stay home and do housework.
Team Sports
Gameball- was a simple but extremely rough and violent football game

Pallmall- an ancestor of Croquet

Hunting- the most fit, young, and active men who worked together to kill wild boars
Individual Sports
Horseshoes- throwing horseshoes at target
Wrestling- a particularly rough and violent sport that we do modern day
Billards- a forerunner to the Pool played today
Bubonic Plague- the most common form of plague in humans, characterized by fever, delirium, and the formation of buboes
Dysentery- an inflammatory disorder of the intestine especially of the colon, the results in sever diarrhea.
Typhoid- an infectious bacterial fever with an eruption of red spots on the chest
Head pains were treated with sweet smelling herbs such as rose, lavender, sage and bay.
Vinegar was widely used as a cleansing agent as it believed that it would kill disease.
Stomach pains ad sickness were treated with wormwood, mint, and balm
During the reign of Elizabeth I, the most common means of Elizabethan era torture included stretching, burning, beating, and drowning (or at least suffocating the person with water).
Bear and bull baiting
Torture at that time was used to punish a person for his crimes, intimidate him and the group to which he belongs, gather information, and/or obtain a confession.
Immensely popular sport during the Elizabethan Era

Introduced to England during the 1200s

Vast amounts of money was waged during these events.
The men made the decisions in the family, women were expected to obey them. The men were the support in the family.
Children were raised to obey and respect their parents. They were usually given toys to play with. For example dolls, toy soldiers, hobby horses, etc. Wealthy boys and girls were taught good manners and would be punished.
Torture succeeded in breaking the will of and dehumanizing the prisoner, and justice during the Elizabethan era was served with the aid of this practice. In fact, it was said that Elizabeth I used torture more than any other monarchs in England's history.
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