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No description

on 28 December 2014

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Transcript of SPOCK4

Why North America?
Two of the largest economies
Lots of Hi-Tech Companies

Why West Coast?
Why Canada?
Experience studytour
Visit companies
SPOCK Organisation
Every participant organizes
Four internal committees
One year
Case studies
Acquisition committee
Contacting group for contacts
Calling companies
Asking for sponsoring
Getting cases to help companies
Maintaining contact until the job is done
Graphics committee
Creating a house style
Building the website
Creating the company brochure
Creating the travel guide
Filming and photographing
Editing the final movie
Creating the final report
Travel planning committee
Arranging company visits
Arranging cultural activities
Arranging accommodation
Planning the trip
Travel leader
Administration committee
Managing the money
Sending invoices
Paying for things
Making and upholding contracts
At least 75 ECTS
Selection based on experience
Only opportunity to participate?
Usefull skills
19 participants plus 5 studytour committee
Intake 12-23 January
30 January selection made public
Monday 2 February Committee drinks
How to sign up?
Send an email to src@scintilla.utwente.nl
Deadline 8 January 2015 23:59
Deadline is strict
Give a short motivation
Short summary of your useful skills
Number of ECTS at this moment
Case studies
Mostly in weekends
Team building
Dates defined in contract
Studytour 2016
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