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Golden Ratio and Fibonacci in Humans and Animals

No description

Ness R

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Golden Ratio and Fibonacci in Humans and Animals

in Humans and Animals Golden Ratio and Fibonacci - Sections in a human finger form a Fibonacci Sequence
- Each section of a finger is 1.618 longer than the preceding one.
- Approximate length of fingernail = 1
- Other values of parts of finger: 2, 3, 5, 8 Human Hand and Fingers - The DNA Spiral is in the Golden Ratio.
- Every cycle in DNA's double helix spiral
has the measurement of 34 angstroms
long by 21 angstroms wide.
- An angstrom is the unit of measurement
for atoms or molecules. (1/10 of nanometer) DNA - British Doctor Eddy Levin came up with theory that
results in perfect teeth and perfect smile by arranging them with the Golden Ratio and Phi.
- Uses tools to measure mouth and create perfect smile.
- Perfect smile is formed when two incisor teeth in front
make Golden rectangle and the height and width together form a phi ratio. Teeth and Smile Population Growth Temperature - Ages at which body begins to develop and
move onto the next stage: Fibonacci Series.
- Child begins developing at age 0.
- Child learns to walk and talk during age 1.
- Education of child begins at age 5.
- Age 8 - differentiating between right and
- Age 13 - Puberty
- Age 21 - Seen as adult in society. - Size of face in relation to Golden Ratio can predict health issues
you may encounter later in life.
- Long face: breathing problems.
- Short face: Jaw problems
- Ideal face cures health problems
- Orthodontic might work towards giving you ideal face to get rid
of any health issues. Human Health - Between freezing point of 32° F and boiling
point of 212° F, the Phi point lands at
100.8° F (38.2° C).
- Average human body temperature - 37° C.
- Phi of that is 23° C - perfect room temperature. - Fibonacci Sequence first discovered in 1202 when Leonardo Fibonacci bred 2 rabbits.
- Production of rabbit children is multiplied in a
Fibonacci Sequence. Human Development Animals - Starfish: Have 5 arms (5th term)
- Nautilus' Shell: Forms spiral with a
Golden Ratio (Logarithmic Spiral).
- Dolphins: Tail, eyes, fins fall at Golden sections compared to length of body.
- Moth: Golden sections seen when eye-markings
of moth are measured.
- Shell: Turns in spiral of shell are numbers of Fibonacci sequence. Pictures of Animals Shell Starfish Dolphin Moth Thank You for Listening
to my Presentation!
I hope you liked it. :) By: Nussy Results:
I have concluded that Fibonacci, the Golden Ratio,
and Phi are present everywhere. They are related to
many accepts in a human and animal's life. They help
us realize many different things through the study and
many of them are there just for pure enlightenment.
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