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Comparing the Canadian and Athenian systems of democracy

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Carmen Stephen-Patel

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Comparing the Canadian and Athenian systems of democracy

How many levels of government are there?

Athens - Two levels = Assembly and Council

Canada = Three = Federal, Provincial, Local or municipal
Music and Creativity in Ancient Greece
Who can elect representatives?
Athens - All male citizens, which was less than 20 % of population

Canada - all citizens of voting age (18 or older)
How are unpopular leaders dealt with?
Athens - Council members were chosen by lot and only served for one year, also could be exiled for 10 years.

Canada = voted out at the next election (every four years)
Comparing the Canadian and Athenian systems of democracy
Who can vote about laws?
Athens - all citizens in the Assembly vote on laws put together by the Council

Canada - elected representatives (MPs, MLAs, Councillors)
How are court cases decided?
Athens - Jury of 200-400 members, no judges, citizens argued their own cases.

Canada = Judge and/or jury of typically 12 members
A Life of the Mind
Read pages 168-170 in the textbook.
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