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Simple Sentences

No description

Alli W

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Simple Sentences

* SUBJECT VERB OBJECT The subject is the 1st part of a simple sentence. The verb is the 2nd part of a simple sentence. The object is the 3rd part of a simple sentence. I like apples. I like apples. I like apples. Some verbs don't take an object. Mario is swimming. S V Some verbs take one object. Some verbs can take two objects. Cats eat ice cream. S V O He gave her a present. S V O O We can add lots of other things.... I like apples. My friends and I like apples. My friends and I like big red apples. My friends and I only like big red apples. S V O My mom a teacher. FIX
* THE *
My mom is a teacher. Is very delicious. SUBJECT!
Kimbap is very delicious. The cat doesn't like at all. OBJECT!
The cat doesn't like the hat at all. The teacher was mad because late to school yesterday. SUBJECT & VERB!

The teacher was mad because I was late to school yesterday. The boy math every day. VERB!
The boy studies math every day. My friend gave me. OBJECT!
My friend gave me a present. Kirby very fat. VERB!
Kirby is very fat. Homer many donuts. VERB!
Homer eats many donuts. We saw on Saturday. OBJECT!
We saw a movie on Saturday. Every Friday, go to a noraebang. SUBJECT!
Every Friday, we go to a noraebang. SIMPLE SENTENCE
subject + verb (+ object) UNSCRAMBLE
* THE *
SENTENCE! English teaches Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith teaches English. I computer games play every day. I play computer games every day. I you gave a present. Boring is the book. The book is boring. She a new shirt bought yesterday. She bought a new shirt yesterday. I gave you a present. Beyonce in America lives. Beyonce lives in America. The ball likes the dog. The dog likes the ball. LET'S
SENTENCES! bookstore lion cubs umbrellas flute colorful curry fish bowl tic tacs flamingos I like apples. masks / scarecrows
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