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Juliana Spisek

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Brazil

Using natural resources
The strange Stonehenge
These strange stones are always in a circle, some in
a group of 5, and some in a group of 50+. Each of these stones are about 4 meters tall. They are about 500-2000
years old. Most of the groups are located near the ocean, and some on the top of a hill. In 2005 they found a burial cave and an ancient village close by to one of the larger stone henge.
Nobody really knows what they are and what they were used for. But archeologist predict that they might have been used for celebration. Emilio Goeldi first notice them in the late 19th century. It's important because they are all over the place and there's not an explanation.
Farming in the Southern Region
More than half of Brazil's population
live in the Southern Region, that means
that there are a lot of farms. The southern
region has the best farming soil, and cattle ranches in Brazil. They grow coffee beans. Also they have some of the richest mines.
The soil stretches across acres of farm land and grow
some of the best coffee beans.
This feature makes all the country's

The Brazilian Republic
Brazil is a federal republic. The leader is
Dilma Rouseff. There are 26 states in Brazil
and they all have an elected governor and
legislative. Their congress is made up of Federal
Senate and a chamber of Deputies. The federal
government holds all the powers that the states don't
have. You are forced to vote between the ages of 19
and 70. If 18 or 70+, voting is optional. They frequently change their government parties, even after the
elections are over.
The government works by each state voting for a
governor and legislative. They also vote for their
president. The federal government holds all
powers the states don't have. They are
forced to vote between certain
ages or will get in
Brazilian's favorite holidays include Easter, Children's day, and Christmas. On Easter, much like in the U.S., the kids hunt for Easter eggs and eat a lots of chocolate. They also make special crafts and have a special meal at home. On Children's day the parents buy presents for the children. On Christmas, family travels far and wide to be with other parts of their family. They open presents at midnight and stay up later. Yet they sleep in the next day.
It is important to know about their holidays because
our holidays are so similar, that, the U.S. could have
gotten influenced by them or visa verse.
This reflects how the parents treat the kids and their
holiday rituals.
Brazil is very populated. Most of the people who come to Brazil are immigrants. Crimes aren't rare, most are about illegal drug trade. There are many farmers there, since Brazil has a huge coastline they can easily export things. They produce and export things like, fruit, vegetables,coffee, meat, and rice. They even export their own oil. They use sugarcane for ethyl, a fuel for cars. 1/3 of the workforce is woman.
Brazil has a huge supply of food, thanks to the huge supply of farmers. Half the food they get go to other countries, and the others go to local food markets. For people to buy and sell.
People can make livings by working inside a factory. Factories make everything from clothing, auto parts, and chemicals,etc. Some other jobs are bankers, doctors, teachers, government officials, and of course, farmers.
Riches and Spain
In 1494 a treaty was signed between Portugal and Spain.
The treaty divided Brazil in half. Soon Spain lost interest
and didn't realize that there were riches to be found
underground. When too many people died from chipping away
the mines they brought in african slaves. Luckily in 1850 it became illegal to import slaves.
Spain was looking on the outside for riches. like how we assume if the person looks nice then they must act nice. That isn't true. Sometimes, although they might have achne, they might be the nicest person in the world for all we know.
When Spain left brazil to itself or at least focoused it's intrest in
something else, they left Brazil to be rich.
We would like to thank culture
grams world book online
and Google images for helping us out on our project. We'd also like to thank youtube.
Mrs. Rose, period 2, By: Ashley
Negail and Juliana Spisek
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