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Communities and Business Working Together

Pecsi Juli

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of xmas2009

the BIG xmas project 2008 targets Help the communities in
which you live. Development valuable teamwork
and organizing
skills. give a CHANCE for a fresh start before xmas,
before the new year before after 2 days painting cleaning drilling laughing cryin eating talking getting up early repairing skiveing sweeping time, ideas strenghten relationships get involved! 2009 Would you like to join? we are bigger we are stronger we are smarter NEWS 17-18th December I found a family, pls read the story, check the pics then... start to thinking how could we help, how can U help Story The family live in Kerepes, it is cc.20km far from Budapest. 5 children > 2boys (they just lost their jobs),
> 3 girls (two of them need kidney transplantation) The mother, Györgyi and the whole family was really kind,
they can not belive it yet... let the pictures talk GARDEN View from the grils room turn your head to the left side, thanks :) WE could stay here sleepingbags are necessary 2 separate rooms, 250sqm 15minutes walk from the house
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