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Biomass fuel

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ali orouji

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Biomass fuel

Biomass fuel
Where is it used?
Biomass fuel is 10% of our energy consumption. Over 2.4 billion people use it today. It is literally used all over the globe. it is the most used renewable energy source in U.S.A and Europe. also countries like India and Africa use it for direct heat.
pros and cons
it is renewable
low cost
large supply
cleaner than fossil fuel
widely available
can tun into energy
good way of getting rid of waste
It can be used in many forms
can save transportation costs
The history of biomass,What is it?,Where does it come from?
How does biomass work? How is it converted to a usable form?
Biomass is converted by burning it which releases it as heat, and can be used directly for warming or can be converted to other forms such as electricity. It can also be converted to other forms of biofuel like biodiesel and alchohol. It can be used to power cars and other machines, but it takes alot of energy.
requires water
not completely clean
some are seasonal
requires energy to transport
sometimes expensive
not easily scalable
can contribute to global warming
Biomass is any organic material that is made by plants. Some examples are wood, leaves, and manure. Biomass is released when molecules in plants are broken down and then burned.
these are a few examples of bio fuels
this is an example of a biomass factory



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how it is converted into electricity
the biomass materials are burned and high pressure steam comes out onto a high-pressure boiler and the steam turns the turbine which powers the genarator which produces electricity.
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