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Outgoing Preparation Seminar [Fall 2013]

No description

Teresa Li

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of Outgoing Preparation Seminar [Fall 2013]

Clothing and Dress
Your Next Steps
Need more information?
Interested in becoming a team member/leader?
Talk to Samantha!
Contact her at: samantha.ng@aiesec.net
Interested in going on exchange?
Talk to Gio!
Contact him at: giovanni.gunawan@aiesec.net
Any questions?
AIESEC Experience
Sign up to
join AIESEC!
We'd love to have you !
Want to go on exchange?
Fill out the application form. We will be in contact with you :)

Applications are due
June 1st 11:59 pm!
Want to become a team member or team leader?
1. Fill out the online application form and email us your resume
2. Go for an interview
3. Be invited to Assessment Center
4. Become a team member/team leader :)

Applications are due
May 17th 11:59 pm!
for coming :)

Cultural Discussion:
So...how does this all come together?
Examples of Internships We Offer
My Exchange Experience
We've got more internships for you to choose from!
Remember we're present in 113 countries ;)
OPS Agenda
Portfolio Tracks
Portfolio Stations
1. Alumni Relations
2. Communications
3. Corporate Relations
4. Finance
5. Information Management
6. Outgoing Exchange
7. Talent Management
8. International Internship Opportunities
Travel Taboo
Cultural Discussion
Crisis Discussion
Wrap Up
EDISON Project
Developmental Internship
A multicultural education
project aimed to promote
cultural awareness amongst
high school and elementary
school students in
Brno, Czech Republic
Why I chose EXCHANGE
To travel, meet
new people, and
experience new
To create impact on a global scale
I am an AIESECer!
Meet our Intern!
Gildwin Barbé
Thank-you Starbucks!
Special Thanks To Our Sponsors!

Outgoing Preparation Seminar
Fall 2013
Scenario 1:
You're sitting at dinner and your host family offers you a popular, cultural meat dish. Despite letting them know you are vegetarian, they continue to strongly encourage you to try it out.
Scenario 2:
You are someone who is very particular about your personal space. However, it's customary in your host country to hug and kiss everyone that you meet as a greeting.
Things to Keep in Mind
appropriateness (especially for females)
some places require specific types of clothing for entrance
how people greet one another
personal space and proximity
positive/offensive gestures
degree of eye contact
Socio-Political Life
current events and issues
economic situation
class structure
rights and laws applicable to you in your host country
Break Time!!
Useful Tools:
Crisis Discussion:
Scenario 1:
Upon arriving at the airport of your host country, you realize that no one has come to pick you up.
What do you do?
Scenario 2:
You go on your exchange and you realize that the accommodations are not as expected. You are living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 20 people.
What do you do?
Things to know:
Health and Safety
health insurance
availability and cost of medicine
health and safety precautions
access to medical facilities
Getting Your Visa
may need transit visas if traveling through other countries
may need residence permit if staying in country over a certain amount of time
General Things to Keep in Mind
currency and exchange rates

transportation system in the host country
cost of living
language and necessary phrases
Our Exchange Experience
Julia L.
Exchange during January 2013
VP Corporate Relations 2012
Currently an EP Manager
likes long walks on the beach
Why did we choose AIESEC?
Job Description
Department the intern will be working FUNDRAISING, EVENTS AND COMMUNICATION
The project aims to work in fundraising groups composed by 5 trainees in an Italian NGO, “Re.Te.NGO”, in order to support their projects, concerning events and communication both online and personal
The intern will manage website and promotion of the NGO and support the organization of some fundraising events. The intern will also follow the work of the NGO, volunteering in its daily activities
Interns will work with the Italian and NGO team. The intern will analyze Finance process, cash flow, understand the finance logic and tools, and manage graphic materials and campaigns
The intern must attend the TRAININGS with the italian team, trainings will be ONLINE (from 7th to 15th January) and PERSONALLY the first week of realization (from 15th to 20th January)
The intern must attend to meetings/jobs requested by team like weekly reports/meetings, and also to other AIESEC events and activities, like LC meeting/global village
Intern will receive a SCHEDULE to follow: no delay or extra holidays are tolerated.If the intern is planning to travel he must coordinate it BEFORE with the team, giving priority to AIESEC events
Sectors: Education, Youth, Social
Live together in a village with the Student Association in order to observe and develop the village according to the MDGs issues and the program of the student association.
Sharing culture with the society and teach them some culture of your countries. Introduce MDGs and the current problem in Indonesia using your report to senior high school students in Bandung.
Make an interesting report of the village condition and compare it to your home-country condition
Conduct a video and bulletin board competition for high school students in Bandung according to MDGs issues.
Prepare the cultural things from every country / interns’ countries which will be performed on the exhibition and closing event.
Measurable results expected from the intern The interns can learn and explore about the condition of development area in Indonesia (village), can encourage the society to be more aware to the importance of education,
Actual Experience
Millennium Development Goals - P2M Physics Student Association
Help to Help
no you don't jump in it.
Fellow AIESECers
Fo o d
What do you do?
How would you handle this situation?
Where did we go?
Sana J.
Exchange during June 2013
EP Manager
GCDP exchange
Living Conditions
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