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Golden Toads

Extinction of the Golden Toad

Mackenzie R

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Golden Toads

Golden Toad Do you know what part of the world Golden Toads came from? They came from above the city of Monteverde,Costa Rica in a small region of high-altitude cloud-covered tropical forests. In what type of ecosystem did the Golden Toad live in? Cloud Forest ( Costa Rica ) When did the Golden Toads become extinct? The Golden toads became extinct in 1989. Why did the Golden toads become extinct? The golden toad may have become extinct because of El Nino. El Nino is caused by climate change within the Monteverde Cloud Forest . The rainfall was the lowest recorded and the temperature also reached record highs. This dry and warm new climate could have caused the toads to become extinct. It could have made it difficult for their offspring to survive due to puddles drying up and killing tadpoles or causing disease within the population. So climate change could have cause the decline and extinction of the population. what did the Golden toad eat? The Golden Toad eats smaller invertebrates, insects, flies ect. What ate the Golden toad? It doesn't have any animal predators because of its sharp claws under it's front paws. But there predators are humans and acid rains. What was the impact of it leaving the food web? There was not much of an impact on the food web because there are other frogs and toads in the cloud forest so the animals that ate little things like a toad or frog didnt loose anything from there diet. I hope you learned more about Golden toads and how they became extinct. :) Websites :
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