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ASEAN ICT Skills Standards [asean-iss]

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Caljer Caldo

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of ASEAN ICT Skills Standards [asean-iss]

What is a Competency Standard?
Knowledge, skill, ability, or characteristic associated with high performance on a job
a performance indicator


an accepted or approved example or technique against which other things are judged or measured
a set of criteria that serves as a guideline for how something should be done

What is a Competency Standard?
defines the knowledge, skills and attitude that an individual must possess in order for him/her to do his job well, to be more efficient, effective and productive

provides a common framework of expectations:
government & business are assured of manpower with the guaranteed ability to perform;
educators can discern the competencies on which curriculum is based;
workers understand what is expected to be performed and be more efficient & productive; and
students know what they need to be able to do.

ICTO and ICT Competency Standards
Advocate of ICT competency standards, certification and professionalization
Has developed 14 National ICT Competency Standards [NICS] for various job roles
NICS-Basic NICS-Project Manager
NICS-Advanced NICS-Enterprise Architect
NICS-Civil Servant NICS-Information Security Specialist
NICS-Teacher NICS-IS Auditor
NICS-Webmaster NICS-Application Developers
NICS-CESO NICS-Network Specialist
NICS-GCIO NICS-CEC Knowledge Workers
Philippines focal to the ASEAN Technical Working Group on ICT Skills Standards: Definition and Certification [ISSDaC]

Background / Rationale
ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2015 [ASEAN Integration]
Six Strategic Thrusts:
Economic Transformation Infrastructure Development
Innovation Bridging the Digital Divide
People Empowerment & Engagement
Human Capital Development
Develop Skills Upgrading and Certification
15 priority projects
Develop ICT Skills Standards

The ASEAN ICT Skills Standards

Ensure an effective and efficient movement of competent ICT workforce among the AC
Develop a standard to support and facilitate such exchange
Facilitate “mapping” of ICT competencies among ASEAN member countries

Mapping of Competencies
Development Process
Conduct of workshop with AMCs
Inventory of existing ICT competency standards [within and outside of ASEAN
Summary of standards highlighting strengths and weaknesses, similarities and differences
Develop standard ASEAN Competency Levels

ICT areas/fields Covered by ASEAN STANDARD
ASEAN ICT Skills Standards
AMC ICT Standards
vis-à-vis ASEAN LEVELS
ICT areas/fields covered by
Software Development
ICT Project Management
Enterprise Architecture
Network and System Administration
Information System and Network Security
Mobile Computing
Cloud Computing

Competency Standards Within ASEAN
3 Levels of Competency
Competency Standards
Outside of ASEAN
ICT areas/fields covered by
Certification and Accreditation Process

Details of the ICT Skill Sets of each
ICT field/area

Update and maintenance of the
ICT Skills Standards

Maraming Salamat !

Malou Pacis-Aquilizan

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