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neil moysey

on 20 July 2016

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Transcript of Maths

Capture activity
Draw different rectangles with an area of 12cm2 on cm2 paper & find their perimeters. What is the greatest and least perimeter? Draw other shapes made from 12 squares and see if they can find other perimeters.
Draw a square with an area of 1cm2. What is its perimeter? Record in a table. Now draw a square with sides of 2cm. What is its area? How do you know? What is the perimeter? Chn carry on drawing squares, finding areas and perimeters. They discuss what patterns emerge, as well as a quick way to find the area and perimeter of squares. If a square has an area of 36cm2, what do you think the sides will measure?
In your work you will need to ...

This week you will become better at:

Create a line graph from a table of data.
Interpret the data and answer questions about it.
Ask questions about the data.

Roll a dice 3 times to get a 3 digit number.
Do this again
Add the numbers together using a column method.
How are we going to get there?
LO: To ask and answer a mathematical problem.
Yellow: Work with Mr Porter

Blue and Green: Create a line graph for the rainfall in the lake district.

Red: Work with Mr Moysey

Label your axis
Create a suitable scale
Create a title
Plot points accurately.
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